How to work on your negative thoughts


One of the most common problem everyone is going through is negative emotions.somedays or somehow people are getting through this.These always have a bad impact on our day – to – day life . As we know What we resist , persists . We naturally want to avoid pain and that includes our feelings. Trying to push the emotions may work for a little while , but these tendencies can make the pain much worse in the end. These negative feelings are enough to depress us. So it is better to idnetify it , face it head on and begin working on a more positive way of thinking.
Now question arises how to overcome  these negative emotions. There are two ways for this. One is temporary and other is the permanent one.Temporary solution is as soon as negative thoughts come in to your mind just divert your mind from there. What you need to do is just do whatever you like..u like cooking then go n just prepare a nice meal for your loved ones..u like dancing then there are a lot of new dance styles why should not u try with your friend is also a good option but as i earlier mentioned temporary solutions can work for a while but in the last they will have  their worse impact on us so its better to work on the permanent solution.
Permanent solution is nothing but just asking some questions to yourself and answering them honestly.
The only question you should ask from yourself is whenever these negative thoughts comes in to your mind who is getting hurt?? Most of people will say its my mind or my heart but scientifically neither the heart can get sad nor the mind . They can feel pain but they can’t be sad. Question remains the same , a/q to me the answer is nothing is geting sad it is just that those negative memories and the way of reaction after having those memories had been feeded in to our mind and as soon as those thoughts come in to our mind we start feeling sad. Its nothing but just the programming of your brain. Our brain here is working like a software with memory feeded in to it. So Here we got the solution don’t let the brain master you. Give yourself time make new and good memories. This is going to be prooved as an effective solution. No doubt it will take sometime but is the best way to overcome your negative thoughts. When u give yourself time good thing happens to you.
Positive anything is better than negative manythings. Don’ t let the negative energy surround you. As soon they starts fencing u just cover yourself with the positives sides in you.
Be positive…live happy


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