Moral education :- soul of a body


Moral values are the standards of good and evil, which govern an individual’s behavior and choices. Individual’s morals may derive from society and government, religion, or self. When moral values derive from society and government they, of necessity, may change as the laws and morals of the society change.
Undoubtedly, moral values contribute to the development of a personality. They make a person selfless. Yes, the moral values bring about great changs in children and youth and prepare them to contribute for society, nation and whole humanity.
Independent india has a sereies of problems.They include corruption , terrorism , exploitation of women , child labour, poverty etc. Even though the goernment has tried to improve the situation and spent crores of rupees for development, the problems like poverty and population explosion are haunting. If we think for a while , we will realise that modern education has not given importance to the teaching of moral values. This lack of importance given to  teaching of moral values is the main reason for our vicious circle of problems.
This problem is haunting the whole world ! We have seen some doctors using knowledge for serial killings ! In some western nations students are shooting their teachers ! There is a lack of discipline in every walk of life. There is no harmonious relationships in any family.
The great tamilian poet subhramanya bharti once lamented that modern education can ruins one’s personality as it lacks moral values. His poem clearly describes the state of the people who are educated in this system. He says :
“Countless are the maladies,
No strength they have to stand or walk,
Like children blind they follow others,
Where they are led and get entrapped,
There is no way alas to end,
Their suffering and pain!
If we analyse how we bring up a child, then we realise where we have failed.As president A.P.j abdul kalam states, parents and elemenatary schools teachers can play a major role in making a country corruption free. Inclucating moral values in modern education is in their hands.
But the tragedy is that the working parents send their children to the pre-schools at the age of three. There begins the so- called education where importance is given to facts.As there is a competition, every one has to read and write. The parents fail to guide.Then the teacher fails. The child becomes the ultimate sufferer, and at last as an adult uses all resources for the destructive processes.
We should learn from vivekanand who said “ education is not the amount of informatiin that is put into your brain and runs riots there,undigested , all your life. We must have life-building , man-making , character-making assimilation of ideas. ” Yes moral values are very essential to make a person. It is aptlys said ” life without human values is like a body without a soul. “
Moral value not only solve problems,but also give happiness to the person. Thanks to the 1986 educational policy which emphasises charcater buliding.
Actually man is a social animal and he have to live and react within the society. He has to learn different social habits like helping the people, gentleness, respect the elders and teachers and so many. These good habits make his a good social creature and he is known as a good person for others. When a student attains these qualities he becomes a responsible and a good person and he is able to behave gently within the society.
We can learn anything through intelligence but imbibed moral values makes the knowledge useful.


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