Love that is real

Everyone who are reading this post , at any instant must have expressed their love to someone. But what do they really mean when they said ” i love you”. Did they really mean it or its just one of the common method to express their feelings.

A very big question of all the times.
What is real love?

The physicist said love is chemistry.

The psychotherapist said love has many guises.

The philospher said love is a passionate commitment.

The romantic novelist said love drives all great stories.




Love is not about texting or calling someone.its not about saying ” I LOVE U” thrice a days. Its also not about wishing special days . Neither it means holding hands nor it means giving costly gifts. It’s not necessarily important to call or text your partner daily. We have great examples of people who loved each other, lived for each other and died for each other. Most important mobiles were not available those days. It was just communication between their souls. It was understanding between them. Now-a- day being overpossesive is a trend showing love for their partner but a/q to me its nothing just lack of trust between them.


When someone says that i will love you forever but for that they will ask for a change in yourslef. It means they dont love you at all. Loving somebody is accepting her good and bad. Its about knowing the partner’s flaws but still loving them. Its about knowing the weak point of one another but not about misusing.

Everyone knows in their heart that love is the highest power, that our Higher Self operates as pure, unconditional Love. This Love is beyond mental understanding or simple romantic love, as it is the source of life itself. It is pure wisdom and infinite knowledge. It heals and purifies and gives us strength. It is the very vitality that animates us.

There is no real love in the external world. What the world calls love is nothing but infatuation and attraction. Real love resides within and near the one who has known the Self in all its splendor and glory.

Then question arises what is real love??

Real love begins the moment one begins to understand one’s Real Self ( the soul) .The nature of the Self is love and with such a love, one forgets all one’s problems. Once bound through this love, nothing else can bind you. Real love arises only when the ego and attachment are gone. Real love is something that is born out of absolute non attachement . Real love exists where there is no selfishness; where there are no feelings of ‘yours-mine’. Wherever there is a feeling of’ ‘yours-mine’, there is definitely selfishness as well as ignorance of the Self. Where there is real love, there is no limitation, or separation. It is boundless. When you see faults in them, you cannot love them. So when you see the world as faultless, that is when pure love will arise. Real love should not break under any circumstances.

Many people says that love is blind. Guys and girls they mean people in love have blind faith on each other.

There is a very funny hindi idioms ” dil lagi gadhi se to pari kya chij hai”. And upto some extent this is true outer beauty does not matter when the love is real. What we love is inner beauty of a person.


53 thoughts on “Love that is real

  1. enigma says:

    Love in a word is divine.
    We may classify it in ways we can’t even comprehend, but we all want love at the end of the day, we want to be loved, we want so love someone, hold them close and melt away their worries.

    Nicely written. πŸ˜€
    And I like the ending lines. Beautifully summarized.

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  2. Bhanu says:

    Insightful !
    Well let’s just say, it summarizes a lot of things, yet when you visit to the feelings of love, it differs from time to time.

    Yesterday I read about loving someone like you are 16 ! It has a lot of aspect covered in itself. Where you love unconditionally without any prejudices and your body n mind totally experience a different kind of feeling n when u can repeat that again for a person later in your life, I guess that signifies love.

    I don’t like to discriminate Love. It is either there or not. There isn’t anything like True Love or Real Love. But again those are just terminology. What u tell is absolutely true. It encompasses what a beautiful feeling love is and the power it withholds. Also you highlight the misuse, weakness, general trend of love, that’s considerable as well.

    Overall Intense πŸ™‚

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