The greatest pleasure :- peace

Gud morning and a very happy spring to all of you


Last evening i went to a park nearby, as i stepped in all the views got changed suddenly . No traffic as there was on the road, no irritating sounds, no horns, no rush. I just sat on a bench there. I feel so relaxed as soon as the cold breeze touched my face. I started looking all around. Some people were seating other were walking. Kids were playing. It seems like as everyone entered to the park a new world appeared to them. World full of peace and fun. From the old ladies to cutest kids everyone was enjoying. The only sound that i could hear was chirping of birds and children bursting in to laughter.
The views were so attractive that i could not keep myself away from all the thoughts coming in to my mind. I kept thinking and thinking what was so special there that everyone was enjoying. Is that the impact of that peaceful place or the mindset that people had done as they entered there. I did not get my answer yet but one thing that i am sure about is where there is peace all around people automatically gets happy.


Peace is nothing but just a way to accept the best and the worst too. If you can handle the situations calmly either they are best or worst. You are stepping ahead to peace. It is also about loving others and yourslef for no reason. We are one of the god’s creature. We are beautiful. We are unique. All we need is to accept us in the way we are and also accept others in the way they are. We don’t need to change ourself for other neither we should accept change in others. When we started to see the world in the way it is , half of the problems of our life get shorted out. What rests us with is peace and peace.


People in search of peace goes to temple, parks, watches motivational session, plan trips all around. They did all the things but still unable to get it fully. All they need to do is to find peace within them. This can done only by the things which i mentioned earlier. Peace , it is the greatest pleasure of everyone life. Keep finding itself within you because if you can’t find it within you, you can’ get it anywhere else. Everyone wants peace and love in their life. No need to find it via external sources, it lies within you.


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  1. Bhanu says:

    Yes. Nice explanation.

    It is like those places which are described in primary schools.

    And surely the picture speaks a lot about serenity and calmness.

    Good Job Mahima. Thumbs Up.

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