My first poem

I am not so good at this. This is my first trial. Hope readers will enjoy going through this


I heard people saying,
God can’t be everywhere
So he created you….
I kept thinking over that
And then i realised,
Upto a extent they were true….

Like god, u give give and forgive
And we get get and forget
You did a lot for us that
Still on giving our hudred percent
There remains someting due….

You are happy either you are sad.
You don’t let us know, not a single clue….
All your desire is to fullfill our wishes
As we grew….

But when the pain comes to us
Or our situation is worse
When we are losing our trust
Our only hope is you….

You wanna live for us.
You wanna die for us.
You wanna teach us.
You wanna reach us to the highest point.

 You are the bestest creation of god.
Yeah! You are the mother.


Must share your views all of you.


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