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Last night I was just having conversation with one of my friend whom i never met . In between our conversation he suddenly asked me for a voice clips and i was ok with that but when he compared my voice with a bird. Something else drawn my attention. It was nothing but just the confessions of some people which i read on  fb pages.
I am listimg some of the confession that really shocked me.

There was a girl of 18 who confessed her love for a guy whom she met on fb. They were in a relation since last one year. The only  problem was that the boy had not seen the girl. They just had conversations. The girl wanted a solution for her problem. you even can not imagine what the problem was. She said after listening her voice , the boy always asked for images of her but she never send her image just because she was not as beautiful as the boy was accepting. She was afraid of loosing him after seeing the pic of her.
This could be digested upto a extent.

This was really a bit wiered. She was a girl ( actually a lesbian , meant no disrespect ) . She had a friend on facebook but she can’t tell her the truth. She is in love with her. They used to talk and share their problems with each other. They are like BFF but the other girl was completely strange about this. The first girl is not telling her the truth just because she do not want to lose her.

This one is the last confession of a boy . I am going to share with you guys. He confessed his love for a girl. They became freind on fb because the girl’s best friend was mutual between them. The wiered part is girl does not see the best friend as his mr. Perfect. But the guy see his world in the girl so he was trying for her by creating a fake id. The amazing part was girl also started loving the guy ( her best friend in real) . When the girl asked for a meeting, the boy was tensed. He was the same guy with whom the girl shared her experience of love with his fake friend. Confusing, isn’t it. Same guy playing two roles !!!

After reading all these confessions, i was like what the hell in going???

What is their concept about love. Is that a interesting game which they wants to play or a matter of necessity for them. In all of the situations one of the two were hiding important issues from the other. Just because they do not wanna lose them. Again, matter to be thought, when they had got them??

They were just Messaging each other and nothing else. Does it mean the world to them. Really???

All the confessions just took me to a single conclusion. That was whenever two people started talking each other without knowing much about each other. The mind started creating image of that person. Its really hard to say up to which extent the image they created is real.  No doubt  sometimes It may be completely fake. What we need to do is we always have to introduce us in the way we are. As soon as the person next to us started creating image of our, We should let him know what we are in real .There are two possibilities only . Either they will accept us or they will reject us. For us both the options should be taken in similar manner. If we are accepted in the way we are , really we are lucky. If rejected, then will get something much better. Rejection always makes us stornger then before. It always takes you to your best. We should never take it as a negative point.

But if we let them create our image then someday we are going to face a problem.
Ofcourse we will have to , same person having two images, one that is real and other that is created. It will led you to conflict only and nothing else.

Sometimes people hide the truth from their partners just because they do not want to lose them. I can understand their feeling but still i am appealing from those all let them know the truth. Because if they loves you, they will understand and if they dont understand let them go. They do not love u at all.
Love is all about trust and truth. If we are starting a relationship with such a big lie then how can we last longer in a relationship. On the basis of such a big lie we really can not have the person as our life partner.

 Love them who loves you. You is not here the created image. YOU means the REAL in you

If you love something then let them go. If they come back to you then it was yours and if they do not come back then they never meant to be yours.


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  1. buddy71 says:

    the internet has open up a new way for people to meet and share things about themselves. in the past, we could call on the phone and years before the phone, people wrote letters. technology has changed the way we communicate but not really improved what we talk about. people have fallen in love with someone based on what they wrote in letters that took days to reach someone. now we can do the same with the internet and it can only takes a second for someone to get our electronic letter. one can still fall for someone just like when mail was sent. only faster. lol relationship is a game of chance. people fear that who they are will not be enough for someone else to like them. we all want to be approved by others.


  2. Xeno says:

    depending on how much exposure you’ve had to the outside world (‘specially if you’re not an adult yet), digital messaging can be your entire world in a nutshell. i used to use icq as a young lad and remember the weeks, months obsessed over this girl in South America.

    I still think about her over a decade later. 🙂

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    • mahimasingh97 says:

      Like if we are hungry we do not start eating grass pebbles or non edible things. In the same way if we wanted to be loved then we should wait for the perfect one. Sooner or later we can find true love

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    I agree with U Mahima ji,

    अर्ज़ है:-
    मुहब्बत में हर कोई बेवफा नहीं’सागर’,
    कुछ तो रहती हैं मजबूरियाँ.!
    पाक वफ़ा की चाहत होती हर दिल को,
    पर कुछ रहती हैं दुश्वरियाँ.!!

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  4. Imran Ali says:

    बेवफाओ की इस दुनियां में संभलकर चलना मेरे दोस्त

    यहाँ बर्बाद करने के लिए, मुहब्बत का भी सहारा लेते हैं लोग

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  5. ichbindaswortistich says:

    Of course, people we have never met may completely fool us about their true identity. But then again, is it not a prejudice to think that those around us may not be fooling us as to their true identities? I, for one, have been disappointed by people I had known for years in person more often than those I met on the internet first and only later in real life.
    If someone turns out to be a bit different from that which they have tried to portray themselves as, that is not going to be difficult at all. Only if someone is a different person in each and every respect, it will result in an unsustainable relationship in real life.
    I agree with you that we ought to be ourselves at every turn, even though we may feel uncomfortable about doing so in some cases. Pain, frustration, and disappointment will be all the greater the longer we keep fooling someone, for at some point or other, truth will be revealed.

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      • ichbindaswortistich says:

        How, exactly, though, do we know how far we can trust someone? Thinking that they may be fooling us may itself be a result of overthinking or worrying too much. We rely far more upon trust even in our everyday life than we are usually aware of.
        Of course, certain criteria should be applied to people we have not yet met. If, for instance, they refuse to send us a picture of themselves or have a video call, we should be highly suspicious. Yet in other cases, they may as well have good reasons to do that which they do without any (bad) ulterior motives.
        You are right, at any rate, inasmuch as there always need to be two to fool one: the person fooled is as important as the person fooling.

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      • ichbindaswortistich says:

        And thus we have arrived at the crux, have we not? We never know what would be the right, let alone right thing to do in this kind of situation. Each step taken or refrained from may be a mistake.

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  6. SonniQ says:

    It is not only on facebook- it is everywhere. It is a mistake so many people make when they meet someone new. They put on a face, their best face, so the other person will like them. Later, when they are sure the other person loves them they slowly start to drop the face and their true nature comes out. Then one person accuses the other, “You have changed! I don’t love you anymore.” But they didn’t change. They just relaxed and stopped trying so hard to impress the other person. We should like ourselves enough to always be ourselves. What you see is what you get.

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    • mahimasingh97 says:

      i am of 18 but what i am writing is only that what i am feeling. I agee with your words they were completely nonsense and the reason for sharing it was only that so i could convey messages to all of them who are taking love as a game. Who even do not know what love is still try to pretends that they love someone.


  7. Bhanu says:

    As simple as that isn’t it ?

    But who likes simplicity, then want to make complications.

    You put good thoughts down there, love was already a confused feeling adding to that is the social media, which creates a lot of confusion adding a new layer to love.

    Basically it never fulfills the criteria of being in love. Because to be in love, you have to be. In Web. You don’t exist. You just can experience what is most likely limerance. In case where both the parties get to share lot of texts to express feelings, that is just them being expressive.

    Because to be in relationship, one has to exist and accept, which doesn’t quite happen in the stories above.

    About the confessions page, I don’t know how many of them are true and how many of them not, but I think that is how people are when they get the magic ring of being invisible.

    It shows in the instinct of being evil and love cannot exist where evil is.

    Beyond all this, there is a point I would like to contradict to what you say – Honesty.

    Humans cannot face honesty.
    100% brutal honesty ?
    What do you say – Can u digest 100% honesty ?

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    • mahimasingh97 says:

      Honesty is something which I value very highly. I understand that we all embellish stories from to time to time or that we often need to choose the more sensitive route when dealing with those whom we love, however, I tend to become really irritated when people avoid being honest just because it makes their life a little easier. As much as I value honesty, I dread cruelty

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      • Bhanu says:

        Well not exactly.

        I think it is all in the view.
        Joker says the world is all evil and if you give them the switch to blow off they will always press it.

        We see lot of bitterness and evil around us and when you read about the hatred n events around the world involving politics, borders, religion n so on, part of you thinks that Joker was right.

        But if you Joker was proved wrong.
        There is a silent guardian who takes care of us while we sleep.
        When the need arises Love n Humanity will thrive. It might come after chaos. But it will be there.

        Love is a fundamental feeling after Fear and Hope. So I am still hopeful that love will survive even on the onset of evil, in the fear to survival of humanity !

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