Nominated once again

Hey guys i am nominated once again. Thanx to respectable women who nominated me for this award. I read loving your posts .You are really amazing. Thanx once again for nominating me ☺

Rules :-

Thank the person who nominated you in the blog post.

Answer the 11 questions set by the person who nominated you.

Nominate other blogs to receive the award and write them  new questions to answer.

What is your favourite colour and why?

I  love black. No special reasons to be mentioned. We just complement each other. People says i look my best in black.

Poetry or stories?

Poems because i feel they are more expressive.

What do you feel about love?

words would not be enough to express this feeling still i would say it is one of
the strangest and the strongest feeling.

Describe yourself with ten adjectives only ( five positive and five negatives )

Five positive point about me :-

Five negative points about me :-

Absolute freedom food.

I am in love with dishes made of chicken. Either it is chiken biriyani , chicken curry, roasted chicken or anything else.

Why do you blog?

Because i want to share my views with people and also it kills time in a good way.

What would your dream world/ utopia look like?

I always wanted to reside at place full of peace and rich in natural beauty. My dream world is not as much big as people wants. Its just about having a flat where i can live happily with my parents and sister.

Do you believe in fate/ destiny.

Not completely, but i do believe. Destiny is something that is just unpredicatable. No one knows what would be the next moment. It is something planned by almighty. I can not disregard that. But i am not dependent on destiny. Like i heard many people saying ” nasib se jyda kuch ni milta”.
But We should keep trying may be we have many things in our destiny ☺

What wouly your dream job be?

Since my childhood i always wanted to be a doctor. Being a good doctor is only  dream of mine.

In whose company are you more comfortbale
People from the same sex/ gender or people from the different sex/ gender and please give reasons

Being honest, my comfort limit depends on whom i am sitting with. I can not choose one between them. I am comfotable with both males and females untill they create any embarassing situations for me.

A prank you would love to play, on whom and why.

I would like to play prank with my best friend just because she always makes fun of me ( in a good way). Well it is not going to be a big prank.

There is a common freind of us. As i knew he had a crush on me since childhood but he never said to me but my best friend knows that and she always used to irriates me by his name.

The prank would be i will say my best friend that he has proposed me and we are going for a date but the lie would be, i will say that he has told that not to inform you and as much i know her she is going to call him and will going to shout on her without listening his words. And when she will listen to the truth i think her situation will be a bit embarassing.

I am going to nomiante the wonderful bloggers and they are as follow :-
isolated girl
shopaholics blog

Here are my questions for you amazing bloggers ☺☺

Which part of your beauty regimen you never miss?

The most akward moment for you.

How long you have been blogging?

Your favourite outfit.

Pesron you love the most.

What is your favourite song?

Who is your idol?

Have you ever had a secret admirer?

If you and a friend both wanted the same thing would you let the friend get it first?

If you could have any celebrity hair whose would it be?

Waiting for you all to answer.

Hope you will enjoy ☺


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