Reservation… for whom??

Gud morning guys.

This is my second post on reservation system.

In my last post i had describe how the motive of reservation system is fading. How it is creating sense of inequality among different classes. How it is dividing people on the name of castes. How it leads to conflicts etc.

Today i am going to share my views on how it is creating inequality among the same class too.

Before coming to the point, i am going to answer some questions first.

When was reservation syestem completely come in to action?

It was implemented fully in 1979 when the Mandal Commission was established to assess the situation of the socially and educationally backward classes.

What was the motive of this system?

The main motive of this system was to raise the living standad of the people who somehow were discriminated and were considered backward.
They were provided with reservation quota in different sectors. Well not everybody who was considered backward got the benefit.

What is the result of reservation in present scenario?

Leaving the results , i earlier mentioned. I am going to highlight one of the major problem.

Let us assume if 30% of the backward class got the benefit of reservation somehow then their living standard is going to rise somedays. But the problem is majority of the population of their class is still deprived of their right. They are still on the same place where they were earlier.

The percentage of  educated person is still less than the non educated. And we now it very well, one who are educated can better understand the meaning of education then the others who are uneducated.

What i mean to say is the percentage who were benefited once will be benefited again and again. Either it will be there offspring or any other of their family members only. It is just because only they know the meaning of education. They now knew how different is their life from earlier. They have better economic condition. They are more eduacted.They can give their children best than the rest of the same communiy/class.

I am going to give a example.

There is difference between  the living standard of pet animals and the same animals wandering on road. The pets are loved by their master. They do not have to fight with others for food. They do not need to manage a shelter. They are loved as one of the family member. Only their kids will be adapted by other family or from the same family later but what about those wandering on road. They are  still competing with others for their survival.

I had given this example just to show you all this is somehow the situation of the backward classed. Reservation is just raising the living standard of certain persons but the rests are still on their same situation.

Like the pet animal is not allowed to play with the one who is wandering on road but both of them are animal Still there is a big differnce between them. We are responsible for this partiality between them. In the same way there is a big difference between the same community and the governemt is responsible for this.

Reservation is  even not uniformly benefitial for the backward. So what is the benefit. However it was for a certain class. The results are so uncertain.  Minor Part of the community is benefited only. What about the rest??

What we need is a CHANGE.

Change that government will have to bring.

Change that citizens will have to accept.

Change that are in favour with all.

Change that will truly change the present situation.


31 thoughts on “Reservation… for whom??

  1. Mahesh Mali says:

    What a Irony …
    We call us a ‘Secular Nation’ and our government differentiate us into casts …

    I personally believe that , if you want reservation … It should based on financial reasons not the cast based.

    Btw, It’s great that you raised you voice on this issue 👍

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  2. JDhillonXX says:

    I completely agree with you! It’s so refreshing to see a young woman like myself stand up and give a voice to those who don’t have a voice.Stay strong sister!

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  3. Respectable Married Woman says:

    I am making these comments because I too believe in the cause for equality in education and I really admire you for taking a stand. I just want to make sure that you understand the various complexities of the problem, So that you will be better equipped to deal with it.
    I also find reservation inadequate and filled with flaws but the reasons to continue reservation is stronger than the reasons to discontinue it. I see it as a necessary evil, but, I am looking for better solutions that can effectively eradicate discrimination and bring about equality.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and hats off to you.


    • mahimasingh97 says:

      I also can understand the situation of those feeling discriminated and i hope too that they got equal status in the society.

      But my point is, its about more than 45 years since the law was implemented still we can not see a major change in their living status. They are still facing challenges, they are still being discriminated. So what we need is to bring some change in existing laws. I had mentioned earlier it can not be uprooted because there are some people who are really needy.

      I am just talking about the changes that is going to favour them not partially but completely.

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      • Respectable Married Woman says:

        I am not saying that you do not understand discrimination or that you are against the people who are being discriminated .. I completely agree that your fight for equality and justice takes note of this .. I am just trying to make sure that you understand certain historically derived social conditions and factual complexities, in order to search for and effectively implement a better alternative..

        I am also not saying that reservation should not be criticized or question. There is no growth and betterment if we just accept everything without questioning, but more important is raising constructive questions, otherwise it just becomes rhetorics

        My worry is that a very generalized critique of reservation will do more harm than good, because it leaves the door open for privileged, elitist, upper class and upper caste people to use the criticism under false pretexts of ‘Merit’ . As you can see in your comment section, some people stated that reservation should be discontinued because it is against merit..

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  4. Ravindra More says:

    The political parties are very much responsible for all this…
    As they need to gather votes of peoples,so they plan politics…it has been 66 years since after our nation’s constitution have been applied but still the economically(backward classes) peoples are still much behind….what is the reason?
    The politicians of our country have been playing dirty politics on caste,religion etc since to gather their vote banks.

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    • mahimasingh97 says:

      Yes i also want the same But the problem in our country almost all the systems are not strict.

      Just take economic condition as a criteria for reservation but still the question remains. How one can know who is economically weak and who is economically strong.

      As we see many many big leaders have still b.p.l cards but we all know their about their economic condition.

      Not all the person wants to pay tax. They always give worng informations related to their income.

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  5. Maulik Zaveri says:

    રેસર્વેસનથી સાચા અર્થમાં કોઈને બેનીફિટ અત્યારે છે જ નહી. Reserved category person if by completing the any professional or academic course with 40% even is given a 1st chance in getting job. Now we can better understand that what he/she will do if he/she has 40% only. And my views says that this bloody system of reservation will never end. “(chalti) Ganga me sab log hath saf karna chahte he”

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  6. SumitOfficial says:

    yes, you raised the problem.. i am completely agree with you on what you have mentioned above.

    there are people who are misusing this thing and again there are people who desperately need it and not benefited enough. And that is the bitter truth.

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