My lovely sister

I would not say either it is a poem or a post but what would i like to say is, it is my feelings.

It is my sister’s birthday coming soon. I was so confused what to give her as a birthday present and suddenly i realized to dedicate her these lines.

I do not know, she is going to like it or not but i had filled all the lines with my emotions.

So here it is, what i wrote

Someone asked me, what is the bestest gift you ever get??

I replied it was something that i earlier felt was against my fate…

The person continued, if it was the thing that was against your fate then you must hate that..

I said no, it is the thing now that i love the most and i am so gald to have that..

The person got confused, asked me to clear the things that i said..

I cleared, my bestest gift from god is precious and great.

Earlier what i felt was nothing but siblings rivlary and i mentioned hope you can understand why i said it was against my fate.

I was small enough to share the love, care and toys on the date she came.

But as together we grew, i started loving her more than anything else.

We laughed together, we cried together, we played together, we share everything with each other.

When i faced any problem she never let me feel alone.  She was one of them there whom i could trust without any fear.

She is like the streethlight, present everywhere for me on the darkened path.

She is like the hot fire, in chilly winter,
Relaxing and comforting.

She is  the only x-enemy of mine whom i can not live without.

She is my life.
She is my sister 😘😘


Hope she will like this.

Guys must share your views also.


60 thoughts on “My lovely sister

  1. saalai kamalathaai says:

    Wow! I also belong to a blood sister relationship..each and every word of yours makes me to relate it with my sister… Being siblings of same gender is the gift of God showered directly on us. We learn to live from them and for them. :-)..splendid work:-)

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  2. buddy71 says:

    one can not chose their family, but can chose their friends and lovers. you are very fortunate to have a good relationship with your sister and she is fortunate to have you as her sister. who would not cherish something personal and from the heart. well done

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  3. trulyunplugged says:

    This was so touching and heartfelt…it made me cry…love is transformative…it changes everything. I’m so happy for both you and your sister….I hope she has an amazing birthday :Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  4. insapphicsunshine says:

    Morning Mahima!

    I loved your sister’s poem and I’m certain she loved it also! You and your sister are very pretty. Your poem spoke to my heart about my own sisters.

    Like so many other lines in the poem, I loved this one, which was exquisite:

    “She is like the streethlight, present everywhere for me on the darkened path.”

    Love & Light,


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  5. Bhanu says:

    Lovely indeed. You both look alike.

    It reflects the strong emotions you carry for her. You remember the sorry post by me, that’s for my sis too.

    Hope you both enjoy on the birthday and days to come. Take care.

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