Good lessons i got from my bad situation

Good morning guys…

I do not know whether you all were waiting for me or not but i was eagerly waiting for posting  blogs once again.

Let me first tell you the reason why i was not posting since last 20 days.
I got injury in my index and middle finger and was not able to do so.

May be It does not sounds  as painful as the pain i went through. This accident makes me believe that every incident in our life takes place to teach us a lesson. The only thing is that how much we focus on the incidents taking place.

I wanna share my observations and their results with you lovely people.

(1) I got injury in two of my five fingers but i was not able to use my right hand. Whenever i try to do so level of pain increases. The lesson is its not about the thing or person who are getting hurt everyone/ everything related with them started feeling pain somehow.

(2) its does not sounds too painful just because it was about the two fingers only. But it was worse too. The lesson i got from this is like a hay laying on ground or sand on floor seems weak  like it does not have its impact on us but the same hay and soil can bring us to a worse situation when they get in to our eyes. We started feeling helpless, doesn”t we.

(3) Every organ that god has gifted us is useful. I agree that they all have their certain level of necessity but it never means they are useless. Even a single part defected can effect our daily routine somehow. The lesson i got from this, i could never forget and also i am not going to you use the word disable for those who does not have proper hands, legs, eyes or anything. They are not disable infact they are god gifted. They are capable of the doing the things which we can not even think of. We can not spend a single day without opening our eyes but just think of those blind people who are being a inspiration for us, Just Think about helen killer and many more.

(4) The last lesson is a bit personal but still i am going to share. In one of my post i talked about my sister. She is the youngest in aur family and everyone treats her like a kid. Everyone thinks that she is unable to take any of household responsiblities even she can not boil water just because she never did so. But everyone was wrong she can do all the things that i did earlier. Its just that we never allowed her to understand her responsibilty. We always make her feel that she is better doing her silly but cute stuffs. The part i want to focus is we should believe in others. No one is irresponsible or careless, time is enough to teach a person. Everyone can understand their role but sometimes we have to make them realise by creating such situation. Sometime we have to proof them real life heroes.

Stay healthier , stay happier ☺☺


13 thoughts on “Good lessons i got from my bad situation

  1. BlingTreeG says:

    Hey.. Take care there, Mahima.. and its always good to grab something life enlightening from every situations of life.. Glad you shared your takeaway from your experience… 🙂 Good post…

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  2. Bhanu says:

    Yes, I was wondering what’s going on at your side, maybe exams like all the other folks. There was no about me page to reach out.

    Anyway good you are back. (*Selfish Motive – Wondering to see what you have to say on my posts also to see some good reading from your posts)

    Well injuries do teach us a lot and every single organ is indeed very very important, only understood when they are twisted.
    Good that you had so many observations and your attitude towards things changed.
    And the psychology works that way with the youngest people, that they are not given a situation to face for, but in the end, it is always that every human has within them the power to do simple and incredible things, it is just the situation hasn’t arise. I highlighted this in my Hanuman Jayanti post lessons. Seems we are on same page of thoughts.

    I hope you are feeling better now. Take care of your fingers and your health. Everything else in the world comes later after you! Cheers.

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