Gud morning to all of you.

I am happy that what i am writing today is not the case of majority of girls but still this is on their behalf who are going through this pathetic situation.

Well this one is a poem dedicated to all those girls who are still forced to follow the old rituals .who can not think of their own life. Who can not make their own decisions. Who are bonded by dumb rules.

We are told to be quiet.
We are said to be polite.
We are accepted to make compormise.

We are treated inequal but said we are special.

We are told not to fight.
We are said not to flight.
We are accepted to be fright.

We are burnt on the name of dowery a type of bribe.

We are told not be cruel.
We are treated as we are fool.
We are accepted to follow all the rules.

We have to be inferior because we can not be accepted as superior.

Why people thinks being girl is a crime??
Why there are rules for us all the time??

We are also creation of god.
We too are bold.
We do not always need a person on our side.
We too can go alone for a ride.

We are not meant to cook food only.
We can not always walk slowly.
We too are in rush.
We may have a crush.

We can not the follow these rituals now.
Stop comparing us with a cow.
If others can be possessive,
then we can too be agressive.

We are girl not a programmed device.
People should try to listen our inner voice.
We do not want to be anybody’s option rather we are a choice.
Being girl is a very fortunate and everyone should rejoice.

Respect girls.
They are mother.
They are sisters.
They are daughters.



39 thoughts on “INNER VOICE OF A GIRL

  1. ajaykohli says:

    Respect boys
    They are father
    They are brother
    They are husband
    Let’s not be gender biased
    Respect is what one command not demand , till you ask for it ,you won’t get , prove yourself ,people will bow .

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    • mahimasingh97 says:

      I did not mentioned but it never meant do not respect boys. Ofcourse everyone should be resepected thats what i want to say.

      I just want to raise voice against some of the dumb rules that are not in favour with girls and that is it.

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    • mahimasingh97 says:

      I heard people saying daughters are special but i am also not in favour with this special treatment. All i want is to be treated equally. I am not asking for reservation rather i am demanding for the basic rights.

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    • mahimasingh97 says:

      Exaclty rights are not meant to be asked for but In the way of proofing ourself we need these old rituals to be broken.

      Like if we are not allowed to get education how can we even get a chance for job.

      This is just an example.

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      • mahimasingh97 says:

        Let me clear the things. I already mentioned this is the minority”s problem.

        Girls are not weak even i know that i am just against those who still are facing troubles. Who still are being discriminated and its your point of view that they are not being stopped or anything like that but i had seen in some part of country the condition of girls are pathetic and i hope many would agree with this.

        They do not presume they are weak as i already said sometimes they just did so because they are told to do so.

        There are places in the world who saw girls as burden. Girls are doing great these days and they are proofing themself but what about those who are married at 14 who are kept deprived of many things.

        No one can stop us from flying even i am sure about that but what about those whose wings are cut earlier.

        I had my own perspective and a/q to that i could feel situation of some girls are still pathetic. You are saying that no one can stop girls from reading but in many of situation people had seen girls facing difficulties.

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    • swamiyesudas says:

      Your words: ‘Respect is what one command not demand , till you ask for it ,you won’t get , prove yourself ,people will bow’ are what come out of the backside of a bull.

      Either you are Not an Indian, or may be you are too young, or you ARE gender biased, bec what you say does NOT happen.

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