When people hears of wearing leather in summer they are like as someone told them to live without warm dresses in winter.

Trust me wearing leather in summer is comforting. What most of the people thinks is just a misconception.

I will show you guys how to match your leather outfits with your summer collection.

If you are going to wear leather this summer choose just one article of leather clothing.  An all leather ensemble is simply a bad idea when it is hot.

Leather is absolutely great because it gives chance to play with contrasts. You can turn a simple girly dress into a sophisticated and aggressive look just by adding a leather garments.




Oversize tops, such as t-shirts, camisoles and shirts, are absolutely perfect worn together with a pair of shorts, especially if they are leather shorts.




If the black skirt and white shirt combo bores you, go for a different material for the skirt, such as leather.



Girls if you have perfect belly then why not choose a crop top made of leather.
Crop top are perfect to be paired with high waists either they are skirt or pants.

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27 thoughts on “LEATHER THIS SUMMER.

    • mahimasingh97 says:

      Even i am not saying cotton are replacable. Nothing could be more comforting that wearing cotton garments in summer. But this is all about fashion where people wants to try something new either it is leather or anything else.

      Cruelity is only when we are killing animals but what if we go for synthetic leathers.

      Synthetic leather is often used in the fashion and for a wide variety of items, including shoes and jackets, luggage and wallets, car interiors, particularly seats.

      The two main types of synthetic leather are PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which is made by adding plasticizers and dye to PVC to make a flexible fabric in a natural color, and PU (polyurethane).

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      • mahimasingh97 says:

        Myth: Artificial leather gets unbearably hot.

        Fact: Artificial leather does not heat up any more than other thick fabrics.

        artificial leather is not porous, it cannot absorb the sweat produced by the body. It could be this fact that may have given rise to this misconception. In fact, we could say that because of this non-porous nature, artificial leather does not carry a foul smell like fabric does after prolonged usage. The fabric stinks because it absorbs sweat from the human body.


      • mahimasingh97 says:

        Even the food we eat is not pure enough.

        The air we are breathing is polluted too.

        The water we are drinking is not pure.

        Nothing have its good only. We have to take its bad too.

        Even i wear cotton and i already said that one is irreplacable but its all about style and trend.

        Wine and beers are injurious to health still theu are manufactured and sold.

        “Tobbaco is injurious to health”
        This is what written on various tobbaco packet still arr sold and people are buying.

        I do not take that as a argument rather it lets me know about your view and i was commenting just to keep my views and that is it.

        Do not drain your energy☺

        Cotton and silk will never be old. They are best and more comforting even i know that natural fibres are much better than artifical ones.

        When its about using plants than its ok but when it comes to animal people says it is cruelity. Ok i respect this but it is all about fashion and that is it.

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