Tips for pairing your Crop tops

Crop tops are going great these days. They are much comforting and relaxing. Every girl wants to wear them atleast once and why should not they want. From cutest to coolest and from sweetest to hottest, it comes in all types and designs.

Crop tops are perfect for most of the body shapes and size. But in most of the cases, crop tops that hit at natural waist are  best.

How to pair your crop top?

As we know crop top are smaller in length. It comes up to waist or sometimes may be a bit longer.  Well Girls can be uncomfortable because its bit exposing but no need to worry. If you do not wanna expose then better to go with high waists. wearing high-waisted bottoms minimizes the amount of skin in show.



1. If you are tall enough and had a slim figure pair you top with high waist skirts(mini) or shots.



2. If you are of average height then pair you crop top with high waist skirts or pants. This time of full length. As you look taller in straight hemline.



3. This one is for all body types and really cute enough. Even i had tried this. Go for denim dungarees to pair your crop top. You  will must look cute and cool. If the top is striped then its cuteness will enhance.



4. The best part is when it is cold enough , you can also wear your crop top. Thing you need to do is wear them after wearing tee shirts or sweaters. If you believe in funky looks then it is going to work for you. Well crop sweaters are also available.


### it is really not always necessary to follow the tips related to height. Because a/q to me people should wear the dresses in which they are comfortable. If you feel comfortable in these outfits then it is ok otherwise go with your comfort level.☺☺

Hope it would help you girls.



87 thoughts on “Tips for pairing your Crop tops

  1. fairytaleofasimplegirl says:

    N yes crop tops are so Inn. …I just wish you d have also mentioned kind of shoes too with it… I have recently written a lot on shoes so it actually occurred to me else everything else is grt


  2. Bhanu says:

    So word of the week – Crop Top it is !
    Miss V introduced me to this word and you wrote a Bible on it.
    Thanks to you for such a valuable lessons. Might help people like with me having 0 score in fashion, if not today, may be future. Cheers.

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