Endangered nature





Nature ,it is being destoryed.
How could we even forget,
We are just a toy.

Supernatural is nature.
Artificial are we creature.

We are unkindly cutting the tree.
Nature would  not let us go free.

We will must have to pay for this.
There will come a day, comes greenery crisis.

Human are on earth on rent.
Instead of paying, we are being violent.

Is not this a disatster?
That, we have to pay for water.

Does not it sound strange.
There was fire in large himalayan range.

Better we know the importance of plants and tree.
Still we do not accept the dependence and live as we are free.

Population explosion, yes it is leading to urbanisation.
But Imbalance in nature will worsen the situation.

Control the things which are controlable.
Accept the fact, in front of nature we are disable.

Even there will not exist a single creature.
If we force nature to change its benevolent gesture.

Take this as motive of your birth.
Plant trees and save the earth.
Make this planet green.
So we do not have to ruin.

Sit in silent andJust Think of our next generation.
Save trees so that they can see nature’s beautiful creation.


Love the nature.
Go green.
Save the earth.
Save life.


40 thoughts on “Endangered nature

  1. Doctor Jonathan says:

    This is an important message to share with the world. I love the meme, “If you really think the environment is less important than the economy, then try holding your breath while you count your money.” So, so true!

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  2. Sonu Somaraj says:

    Artistically conveyed the message that Earthlings need to lay their hearts on. We live in plentiful abundance, but in the love for greed and the greed for whats not, we have left our most giving and forgiving mother to bleed.
    And one day, she shall spell wrath.

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  3. Ravindra More says:

    Yeah …nature’s being used selfishly and we humans are destroying it.Nature is the greatest friend we have coz it sacrifice himself for us but one day we will killing nature through various activities is killing oneself..

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