Being alone..


Most of the girls of my age
Know very well what love means
Head on shoulder and hand in hand👫

Most of the girls of my age
Know very well how to look beautiful
Designer outfits and makeup on face👩

Most of the girls of my age
Know very well how to enjoy
Disco, parties in full craze 🎉

But i am a lonely soul, I walk in the streets alone.
I can not put artificial make up on face.
I  just could not show that craze.

I need too much time to hold someone’s hand.
My soul does not allow me to hide the beauty that i have.
My ethics does not permits me to join discos and clubs.

So I need someone who will hold my hands first.
I want someone who will respect my ethics.
I need someone who will adore my natural beauty.

I am still searching and searching.
You still being a mystery.
I am still feeling lonely.


51 thoughts on “Being alone..

  1. Doctor Jonathan says:

    Sometimes we try too hard to “force” an outcome. Seek the pleasures in life your ethics stand for and enjoy the many experiences available. Reducing one’s anxiety negates the repelling energy forces we don’t even realize we emit. As you find joy from within, the meeting you desire will happen. Enjoy the entire journey as well as the final result.

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  2. voiceofastranger says:

    Well there is a mystery boy out their waiting for you girl
    whom he can proudly say she is mine just mine
    whom he can take her hand and walk knowing the value of having you next to him
    who will embrace all those qualities which all the people took for granted
    who will heal all those scars that didn’t let you live
    who will simply love you and accept you for whatever the mess your..:)

    Wonderful poem ..:)

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  3. bhaatdal says:

    Beautiful and realistic, I always felt the way you wrote , being a mother now I know and understand how right it was and it is. Self esteem is what we earn and all our life we cherish . You wont believe how happy and proud to know a girl like you who thinks this way .. Keep writing and with the same grace and eliteness.

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  4. Beparvah !! says:

    I can relate to this …
    Beauty lies in the heart, and certainly not in face, it resides in faith and loyalty and certainly not in being out to a pub… Beauty dwells in loyalty and certainly not in designer clothes…
    It’s really very difficult to look beautiful these days… I am glad that you are one of them…
    So just take care of yourself..
    You are special .. 🙂

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  5. ajaykohli says:

    You are not lonely ,you have parents ,siblings ,regarding boyfriend ,don’t worry and don’t wait ,always keep your head and ethics up , we can’t lower our standards for anyone ,whosoever has to come ,come on our conditions ,you need not to visit discos or put makeup ,you focus on beauty of soul ,appearance wise I feel you are OK .

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    • mahimasingh97 says:

      WordPress was the platform to share my views but you all ( likers and followers) are the reason to continue this journey.

      Thanx for the love , support and appreciation☺☺


    • mahimasingh97 says:

      Hope if someone notices because as far as i could see people are in much love with the fake things but hopefully there are many beautiful souls residing.

      I hope if i could get the one, fingers crossed☺☺

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