Self respect :- my first love


I was single
I was happy.
I was living my life.

You came and became a part of me.
I completely enjoyed my life.
Then I and you became we.

We came closer and closer.
We planned our future.
We were like devoted to each other.

Your words, i said.
Your dreams, i felt.
You walked, i moved.

But just a misunderstanding, And you stepped ahead.
Even u did not tried to know.
Love was not there to show.

You think, i changed.
And i think, you changed.
Perhaps the time changed.

I can not give clarification,
I can not say “forgive me”
As i was not wrong, so why should i ??

I could not forget you and that is the fact.
But also i can’t go against my selfrespect.
What i can say, ofcourse i will wait till the time you regret..

You were my so called love.
But my self respect comes first.
As it was my first love.

So for now, i am again single.
Still i am living  in my present with memories of past.
Still i am trying to show, i am happy.


45 thoughts on “Self respect :- my first love

  1. mahimasingh97 says:

    What i wrote here as a poem is not the real condition of mine.

    I had seen many relationships going through this and i just shared how would i react in such situation.

    People have their own way to handle every conditions in their life, i just shared my views to handle this.


  2. SumitOfficial says:

    Mahima, I won’t talk about this topic more. Since, I know everything more than bits and pieces. When last time you told me, you’re recovering yourself I could not related it would be like this!

    All I can say is as hour friend, your self-respect is way more important for you than anything else. You should always love but not beyond your self-respect. I’m glad to read that you’ve moved on now. I wish you all the very best for your new beginning. Happy birthday to my wonderful friend Mahima. 😀😊🎉🎍🎇🎊🎀🎉🎁🎄🎇
    Just be happy Mahima. 🙂

    P.S- Your post inspire me to write about something, I’ll let you know in details. 🙂

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