Two months completed☺☺

This one is just a dedication to all of the people who are visitng my posts, sharing their valubale thoughts, corrects me wherever i am wrong, appreciate me when they found me appreciable.

Its about two months i started blogging here on wordpress and met extraordinary people, visited great sites, connected with many people, shared my thoughts, learnt to respect other’s view, learnt to take crticism in a good way.



I started this just to kill my time and to share my thoughts but it did a lot to me. I got much love and appreciation here in form of likes and followers.

I got more than 1200 likes and 200 followers and really i am very happy. This means a lot to me.

A big thanks to all of you. who supported me and also them who did not supported me. Both types of people inspires me to go ahead.

WordPress was the only platform to start with but you lovely people are the reason to continue this journey.

Keep loving..
Keep supporting..
Keep inspiring..
Keep sharing your thoughts..
Let me know whereever i am wrong..

Thanx once again ☺☺

Love and hugs to you all 😊😊


52 thoughts on “Two months completed☺☺

  1. Gastradamus says:

    Those are solid number. We are in our first month at Gastradamus and have over 4000 views. Everyday we are getting new followers, very close to 100. The likes are going up and so are the comment. We would love your feedback on a few of our stories at Gastradamus, if you could comment, that would be excellent. Keep on writing, skys the limit sister.

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  2. Rupanjal says:

    Great going…. You have achieved a lot in 2 months… Its astonishing. No doubt its because of your content and dedication.. Also I have notice that you have changed your blog theme.. Congratulations again!

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  3. Cezane & Michelle says:

    Amazing! Keep going, your doing really great in the blogging world. It is almost like you met your destiny and fate guided you to it. Happy for you a lot. Cheers! 🙂

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