I love you mamma❤❤


Being honest, i do not have the memories when i was of one or two but whenever i see children of that age i got idea how much i had teased you.

When i was of four, i got admitted in school. I could remember the smile on your face when i passed the entrance.

I could remember you “standing on the main road” and waiting for me. The first thing you did was checking my lunch box as it was your job.

When i was of nine and i complained why did not you put make up on your face as my friend’s mom did on annual function and  on that instant, i could remember the simplicity on your face.

When i was of tweleve, i got a special identity in my school. I was favourite of my teachers and friends. For an instant, i felt proud and i could remember you told me ”  this is nothing much to feel proud of ” . You explained me the responsibilty that i got as a captain.

Mamma, i could remember the worst phase of my life when i was of fifteen. I went through unbearable pain, doctors, medicines and injections. I could remember the tears in your eyes, when i cried.

When you were with me in the hospital for more than one month, like me you were also deprived of the weather and things going outside. I could remember when i said” sorry mamma for being a libality” and you replied ” you are my responsibilty rather than liability” . I could remember the tight hug on that time.

When i was discharged form hospital and doctor adviced me bed rest i could remember you even did not allow me to bring a glass of water. It was you waking up all the night. It was you who gave me strength to fight with the things that was going in my life.

All the friends and children of my age that time stepped ahead and i was still on the same place. I could remember i scold you but i never meant to do that, it was just my frustation. I knew that only you can understand.

Now i am of 18, still some steps back from my friends but i can see you walking by my side all the time. Thank you mamma for being with me all the time.

I can see the smile on your face, when i am happy. I can feel your sadness, when i am sad. I could realise the curiousity, when i start something new. It is like you are my soul. You feel everything that i am going through.

I just wish you just be with me all the time, till the time i am alive i want you by my side.

I wanna make you feel pride and promise i will do that someday. I will make everyday special for you. I know one day everything will be fine. Your daughter also gonna shine.

I just need your support and blessings and i know they are with me always☺☺☺

Happy mothers day.

I am blessed to have a mother like you.😘


36 thoughts on “I love you mamma❤❤

  1. fairykumar says:

    I am too 18! And our feelings are quite similar# friends… But last support is always your parents😊 and yes! I write the same lines in my diary which you have written in the end!

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  2. Beparvah !! says:

    Just loved it..
    Everything in this post… Literally everything, especially the pic..
    Thank you so much for this post…
    I wished my mom too..

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  3. SumitOfficial says:

    Mothers are always like that Mahima.. They never think bad of their children.. They won’t allow you to even bring a glass of water when you’re not doing well. That is Mum. I’m really feeling good to know how much love is filled in your heart fir your mum. May God bless her with good health. 🙂

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