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Good evening, hope you guys doing great☺☺


For the same award,  i am being nominated by two wonderful bloggers. The first one is Nazmin and the second one is Theutopiauniverse . Must visit their blogs as both of them are awesome.

The Rules:
Show the Award on your blog.

Thank the person who nominated you. Tell, What makes you smile.

Select other blogs, (the number is up to you)

So coming to the questions What makes me smile?

The smile you people talking about must be the real smile, not a fake one. Yeah smile are of types, aren”t they. As i am a very simple girl, nothing extraordinary, as simplest as it could be, so i found happiness in lot of small things. Seriously till now i have not got a very big reason to smile.

👉 The time i spent with my brothers and sister is the most amazing time and even the memories are enough to make me smile so what to say when i am really with them. I just smile smile and smile better if i say my smile burst in to laughter.☺☺

👉 Well i am sick so have to visit docotrs frequently. Till now i had not waited eagerly for anything else in this world as i waited for my medical reports whenever my reports are ok, i am ok. I show as i am brave enough but trust me guys, not having injections and medicines makes me smile. I am like ahhaa ab injection ni lena hai😂😂

👉 Appreciation makes me smile. If people appreciate me for the things i am doing automatically they brought smile on my face. Things can be anything like cooking, studies, writing. yeah i am a girl so whenever a person admires me, i smile.😊😊

👉 when my mamma says ” mai bhut badmash hu” to my papa and papa replies ” jb se ye paida li hai isne koi badmasi ni ki”. Same line i am hearing since last 14 to 15 years still not gettin bore. In fact it mades me smile. Even i am smiling while writing those lines on my parents behalf. 👪

👉 Good results make me happy, and happines directly linked to smile so whatever i am trying or whatever i am doing, if results are positive i smile.

👉 whenever i could help poor by the means i had, either giving them my clothes or just feeding them for a time, i smile and this time the smile is a satisfactiory one.

👉 kids , yes i just love them. Just talk to them and they will listen to you calmly, they will never interrupt. They are good listener, i hope if they could help me getting solutions of my problems but let it be minimum they listen to me.👼

Sorry for breaking the chain, but truly i can not nominate few bloggers as there are many and all of them are unique so i just have a humble request to you all people, participate if you really want to, your participation really means a lot and i would be very grateful if even a single person nominate himself for the award.

So guys if participating, must share the links in comment box i would love reading the reasons that makes you smile and yes for sure the person who would be self nominated will be in the list that made me smile.☺☺


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