Hidden love

I love you.
But i can not show.
Sometimes i just hope,
If you could know.❤

I always try to show ,
like i do not care.
But deep inside my heart
I just burst in to tears.😢

I also know, if i would confess
You will accept me with full grace.
But i know what the reality is,
I think for me time is less.⌚

I always pretend that i would forget you.
But i know, i would not, ever
Because as much as i try to do so.
You came closer and closer.👫

I just want to see you happy
And, that you are.
So it never matters
Either we are near or far.☺

I am your sea and For me you are like sky.
Either We will never meet Or we will meet,
When the world would come to an end.
Still That would be the most beautiful sight.🗻


58 thoughts on “Hidden love

  1. rajivbakshi says:

    It’s love & hate relationship . Or Face Book Friends . Both stories in my Book : Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara . See if any similarity . The girl with long hair , she loves to flout .

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  2. avinamdar says:

    Love and all its miseries, make for such beautiful poetries ! Well written Mahima, it’s a pity you had to have felt heartache to write this stuff. But you are a talented poet, of that I am now certain! 🙂


  3. buddy71 says:

    You should not guess what he may feel for you or how he would feel. Let him be the one to accept or not the life it would be with you. He may not feel you are a burden. He may have things that could affect you. Let him make the choice, not you for him.

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