Feelings unrevealed😯😯


Today you are avoiding me.
You are thinking that you are my priority,
And I would keep chasing you all my life.
But let me tell you, you are not avoiding me and you can not untill i give you a chance.

I do not get attached easily to someone.
But once attached, it’s hard to get deattached.
I am very emotional but i do not let other know about it.
As i can not let people judge me weak on the name of emotions.

You want me out of your life, just say me.
You want me in your life, just show me.
I do not share my feelings and problems with everyone.
I shared them with you so do not make me feel regret.

You appeared genuine to me, hence i shared.
You never let me know about the shell which you were carrying.
You appeared good to me and so i appeared best to you.
Now i am finding you bad, i too can be worse but i just can not as i already said i am emotional.

I too want to be fine, as you are.
I too want to maintain distance, as you are already far.
I too want to forget you, as you already did.
I too want you to miss me, as i am missing you.

I am very sure one day everything will be fine.
There would come a day i would be like you, emotionless.
I am just waiting for you to miss me terribly.
No matter how hard you look for me, you would not found me.

But for now I do not know, what to do.
I found myself trapped badly.
Tarpped in emotions and feelings.
I too want to be like you😯😯


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    Great One Mahimaji.
    Specially this lines”You want me out of your life, just say me.
    You want me in your life, just show me.
    I do not share my feelings and problems with everyone.
    I shared them with you so do not make me feel regret.”

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  2. avinamdar says:

    Only time can heal broken hearts and mend wounded souls. Until then, keep writing and sharing your thoughts Mahima, for they tend to be as beautiful and pure as your love. And if you share that with the world, there are many who will certainly appreciate you for who you truly are and what you are worth !

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  3. Bhanu says:

    Well there is no need to be.

    As long as you thrive to be the original you and continue to do so, you will realize the worth of it all.

    It is in the intrinsic behavior of being caring for others and getting hurt a lot many number of times and that’s a price that one has to pay for choosing and being a caring person. It is just not yet right and the time has not come when you will find someone who reflect everything back to you.

    You might have to make some changes, you might have to make some amendments, but you do not necessarily have to be like the other person. You do not have to be emotionless. Because the world functions just the same way, that person was left broken n abandon, which turned him(her) to an emotionless person. You shouldn’t let that happen to you as well. There is a dearth of people who care genuinely.

    So don’t get Carried away.
    Don’t fall so easily and do hate so easily. Don’t break so easily. Being a caring person is a tough job, but if you are one then be shatterless. Upgrade yourself like gorilla glass.

    A jerk meets a nice girl n breaks her. She turns jerk. She breaks a lot more guys. Those guys break a lot more girls. Who turn jerks too. But in the beginning everyone is nice, caring and full of emotion.

    Stay intact, everything is right beside the corner you never care to peek.

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    • mahimasingh97 says:

      First of all a big thanx to made such a large comment. If there would be an award for the best reader, i must had given it too you.

      You just did not read that, you get down in to the depth as your words reflects. I agree we have to pay for being caring and that is what i am paying.

      I will try to apply all the things you mentioned about. Thank you very much once again☺

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    • mahimasingh97 says:

      Yeah you are right, in beginning everyone is caring, loving but they changes with time, do not know why😦😦

      They left us shattered, they even did not realize what the next person will go through.

      But let me clear one thing, i would not let other suffer because of this. I will take my time, and will move on but i just can not play with someone’s emotions who even is not a part of it.

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      • Bhanu says:

        I am not sure if I understand your response completely and in the way you want to convey, because what you say in your comments is not consistent.

        What people do is their nature, what you make of it is yours. They leave you, they don’t break, it is you who let yourself break. Getting shattered is a intrinsic event not external. Again if someone throws stones at you, then upgrade yourself to be the toughest glass use sugarcane.

        People change? May be it’s time we start looking things in a different way. There are two things to it –
        1. Are we true, persistent and plain since the beginning and consistent ? If so then people will be same. For eg in the beginning you are very liberal then you become so bossy then other person will change as well. There will 9999 people who will hurt you, break you, disrespect you and shame you. You just need that 1 person to complete you. Rest everything is life. You will be there. Just don’t lose your original self.

        2. The 60 days of love ! I wrote multiple posts on it. It is psychology of love, getting to know, comfort, confirmation and affirmation. There are lot of aspects. Things happen. Shit happens. That’s life. Just keep smiling ! And Be True to Yourself.

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      • mahimasingh97 says:

        Exactly the first person just left, it is the second who is getting hurt, who is getting shattered and that is always the one who really loves.

        Not “HE” but the emotions, the memories that are attached with him makes ones weak. Everybody can handle thmeself. The difference is some need times and some does not.

        Coming to your point one wtf if you remain the same but the other person changes, he just starts ignoring you without your fault. You even can not meet him, ask him what was your fault. He just left you with no clues.

        How helpless one would feel when she/he evn doew not know whether to wait or to forget.

        Point 2# i will read your post, i know life is not about good only, it is also about bad. If it gives us opportunity, it also takes them. They presents us the happiest moment and sad too. We have to accept both and continue our journey.

        You too keep smiling☺

        I am true to myself and to all the person who know me, whether good or bad i am on face.


    • mahimasingh97 says:

      I would not let suffer anybody who even is not a part of it, i said it in the context when you talked about a chain that is being formed by jerk guy and a nice girl.

      No one else had to pay for the mistakes that is being commited by other. I would be careful choosing the person from next very time, but i just can not choose one and then broke him to peice, this is what i even can not think of doing.

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