Weired education system.

Good evening lovely people.
Hope you all are doing great.

Well this one is going to be more special for those who have got their result yesterady. Yes , you all got me right. I am talking about those whose CBSE 10th results were declared yesterday.

Seriously, i did not had any intention about writing this post earlier but i was forced to write about this.

Reason :- i was not surprised by the result yesterday but i was shocked. Yes ,really i was.

Well i guess you all know CBSE 10th exams are conducted on two basis. The first one is the old system, board based and the second one is latest, school based.

I really do not why student are going for school based exam, even in boards based only three to four percent of students fail so why student find themself unable to crack such a easy exam and go with school based.

It really exploits one’s carrier. One who are capable can also go with board based exams but still if they are choosing school based exams, i feel bad for them and the other who knows they are incapabale and still going for school based exams, i feel pity on them.

Yes it is must even that students are going to score cgpa something between 9 to 10 and nothing less than that even there parents will find themselves on the top of the world as their son/daughter who even do not get 50% in a competetive test got 10 cgpa in boards exams. Well that becomes the celebration time for them.

No one ever thinks, it is working same as sweet posion. It is going to exploit you carrier slowly. You got 10 cgpa, your parents , family members, friends and whole society thinks you have done a great job but being honest just ask to yourself do you really deserve that and you would get your answer. As i think only 10% of students will think over that and the rest 90% will make themself and other fool.

What if you get 10 cgpa, will you pass any competitive entrance, will you get scholarships ?? Ofcourse not because your result is neither because of your labour nor because of your capability. It is something that you better understand, no need to mention here.

There is a way for this also, just pay huge amount to coaching and institute and you will get admission. No matters what are you doing there just keep paying installments on time and thing will be going softly. You already had developed a concept that no matter you read or not, you will score good marks but here you are mistaken. Again will come 12th boards and you better know what you had done from last 2 years. So, from 10 cgpa instantly you will come to 50% ( slightly more or less).

Not only this, i had seen 10 cgpa scorers getting failed in 12th. Do you really find it acurate. I mean is this really possible who get 10 cgpa suddenly fails. I do not what is going actually.

I found these system weak. It was to uplift student’s strength but infact this fake appreciation is spoiling them. It is duty of teachers and parents to introduce their student and children with their potential even i think a student himself should recognize his potential.

These extra and fake appreciation does not even allow students to know thier weak points. How would even they work on that. How would they brush up their knowledge.

I sincerely request to all those parents and students, do not let yourself flow with the  results. A single peice of paper does not detremines one’s merit. It is something that you have to proof somehow.

People will forget your 10th results after two to three years. They will judge you where you are after ten years.

I do not want to hurt anyone here, one who deserves will always be deserving untill they face some tragedy and one who does not deserve should work on making himself deserving rather than being appreciated for what they are not.

I really feel pity for such education system, if more than 90% students pass board exams either 10th or 12th boards they why only few students qualify in competitive exams.

I agree there is difference between the patterns of both exams but also the teachers, students, parents are making this difference more bigger as they always compare one’s capabilty with their results.

It is not really important, we all have some examples that forces us to think about the education system.

One fails in  12th boards exams but passes in entrance.

One gets more than 95% in boards then why do they suddenly disappear. Why we can not see them as topper of various competitive exams.

Also there are many who got 10 cgpa in 10th boards and fails in 12th boards.

Any of the situation mentioned above are not hypothetic, these are something very true.

We never think about the reason behind this. I just found some reasons behind this and i am going to list them.

1) fake appreciation, yes, will not you find yourself on the top of the world when you will get 90  marks in a subject when you better know you only have attempted 20 marks questions. This will take you to the top and then will let you fall.

2) weak education system from coaching to teachers no one focuses on student, for them teaching is just a profession, they just have to make money and that is it. Even when a students want to do something, they will not get proper guidance so will remain unguided.

3) parents, they are responsible for basic knowledge in child, if base is strong the rest will be automatic strong.

4)  ” Mera beta bada ho k engineer banega” do not know if he will be or not but while planning for his future we never see him in present. We forget what he is in present. No need to compare your children with others, everyone is unique, everyone has their own level and their own merit. Try to make themself best in their fields rather forcing them to join a new field.

Note :- This post is dedicated to all those who are being appreciated (fooled) not intended to hurt anyone but just to help them facing the reality so that they can plan for a good carrier.
Let other enjoy because of your result but just once ask to yourself in how much depth you are.

Study hard.
Know you merits.
Work on you demerits.


21 thoughts on “Weired education system.

  1. Prashant Jadhav says:

    Personally, I find the examinations to be the worst part of the education system, because the examinations are responsible for killing the creativity, curiosity and imagination powers of the students. Instead of nurturing this powers the education system judges the intelligence of the students on the basis of exam results. For more details visit my first post..
    Nice post, keep going…..

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  2. buddy71 says:

    since i really have little idea about what you are referring to, i can get the idea of the post. there is nothing wrong with studying hard for something. but you are right that no one really will care what grades you received or how well you placed in graduation, only that you have that degree and hopefully can do the work. here in the usa, we have way too many college grads that have no jobs that they can use their degrees for. we have a lot of highly educated people doing no work or work that requires the degree they received.
    interesting to learn about other places and about how those living there feel about things. 🙂
    so, will you be taking these tests? or have you?
    you are truly an interesting woman. 🙂

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  3. ajaykohli says:

    No one judges others ,you see ,what makes you happy ,topic discussed here is not worth as deaf don’t listen drums , kabir , tulsi , were never respected till they were alive ,so cram ,study hard ,get marks and degrees ,Google will hire on basis of degree not on knowledge


  4. avinamdar says:

    Our education system is flawed and needs a complete overhaul in my opinion. However, I agree with your views though, students need to make better decisions in the current scenario.

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  5. fairykumar says:

    This is exactly what I feel. I scored 8.8 which is surely a nice score (for me!) After all it was the result of pure hard work and that too without any coaching. I guess these institutions are not teaching rather they are feeding the students, demanding a high bundle of notes. I completely agree with you that studying this way is of no use. This is success, fine but it will not last long.

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    • mahimasingh97 says:

      Yes sweetie that is good enough, and moreover its something you scored after studying hard on your own merit👍

      Everyone better know their merit, demerits and their limitation. One should not let judge themself on the basis of their markesheet as they better know about them.

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  6. Akhila says:

    good post mahima.. true that our educational system is not meeting the real intention. even the society is forcing the kids to have better marks in the exam. Every one forget the fact of utilizing their actual skills. kids are simply grown up based on some pre defined strategies. nothing fine tuned to match their talents..

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    • mahimasingh97 says:

      Thank you.

      Yes exactly, education system is more like old trend. One have to follow the same rules. Either be a doctor or an engineer. Ghosh there are many more things.

      One should not study for marks and degree but for knowledege. Yes they too are important but not always.

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      • Akhila says:

        yes, often the parents/teachers/society fail to understand that there are many more opportunities other than being a doctor or an engineer. that’s why we are lacking entrepreneurs..

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      • mahimasingh97 says:

        Yes, i agree completely.

        I am not saying being a doctor or an engineer is a bad thing but it would be more good if you choose your carrier on basis of your interest.

        If being enginneer is someone’s dream then one must have to work over that but if one never wanted to be then he would not even enjoying study as a result he would fail and people would balme him

        He/she should not be blamed because they were forced to do so wtf if they fails. We can not do good thing unwillingly and if they happens its just a matter of chance.

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