The Real beauty

I posted this in my starting days, posting it again so that my fellow bloggers could read this as many of them has not read.

I want them to read my this post as it is about real beauty.



It is a sucess in so far as more women retain their youthful apperance to a greater age than in the past. ” old ladies ” are already becoming rare. In a few years, we may believe , they will be extinct. White hairs and wrinkled face , a bent back and hollowed cheeks will come to be regarded as medievally old-fashioned. The crone of the future will be golden, curly and cherry-lipped , neat-ankled and slender.
The portrait of artist’s mother will come to be almost indistinguishable, at future picture shows, from the portraits of artist’s daughter. This desirable consummtion will be due in part to skin foods and injections of parrafin- wax, facial surgery , mud baths and paint, in part of improved health, due to in its turn to a more rational mode of life.
Ugliness sometimes is one of the symptoms of disease , beauty of…

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  1. buddy71 says:

    I met a 91 yr old woman today that really did not nor act like a 91 yr old woman. she had retained her inner/outer beauty and was very easy to talk with and carry on a very good conversation without having to repeat myself or talk loudly.. she was a joy to meet and I told her so. 🙂

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