You the betrayer or me the believer


You being a betrayer, broke me emotionally.
Still i do not know, whether to balme you or myself.
Usually i do not blame others for mine conditions.

As one comes close, when you allow them to come.
As one betrays you, when you trust them more then they deserve.
As one leaves you, when they do not find you compatible.

These are the harsh truths, i had accepted.
Why to curse others for our situation??
As we too are responsible somehow.


I am so confused as i do not know
Were you lying or i was not worth you truth.
Were you acting or i was taking it as real.

For me it is ok, you betrayed me before getting too close.
The worse thought that came in to my mind is what would if i had trusted more.
I try to take most of the things as positive.

I do not let my soul break easily.
I do not blame anyone unnecessarily.
But if i found anyone guilty, i also do not forgive easily.

Being bad is your attitude and being good is mine.
So still on betraying me, i had forgiven you.
But do not except a second chance from me.

When betrayed once, it is destiny.
But betrayed twice, it is stupidity.
Yeah i believe in destiny but no i am not a stupid.


34 thoughts on “You the betrayer or me the believer

  1. mahimasingh97 says:

    Betraying other is not his talent but a negative part of his life…he/she might neglect all this but for sure noone is even neglected for hus deeds by the almighty.

    Yes i was an emotional fool as i trusted him.


  2. Ashish kumar says:

    Yes, trusting more than required allows one to get betrayed. Also one of the root cause of getting hurt is expectation. Expectation hurts a lot at the end. Better not to expect.
    Very well penned poem. An “exquisite” creation indeed. Liked it a lot. 🙂

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  3. theonlysup says:

    By blaming someone we are playing victim mahima… Are we giving them a chance to betray ? Think think … So forget about them who betrayed us.. Surround urself with the people who can lift u higher.. What say ??

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  4. Bhanu says:

    Very good ending.

    But you will figure it out eventually. I gave a glimpse to what is coming next in my posts. Let’s see if it makes any significant impact in your life.

    Until then cheers and smiles.

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  5. buddy71 says:

    Entering any type of relationship is taking a chance for each enters for their own reasons or agenda. Sometimes things do not work out. I think each should share the blame but not always equally. This shows you have wisdom which to me is a desirable trate to have.
    Well said. Don’t be discouraged. Knowledge is power.

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