Love :- part 1

Good afternoon lovely people.

Well i am asked by a blogger cum friend of mine to share my notions on love. Trust me one post is not going to be enough to cover all the aspects of love. That is why i am going to cover them part wise even i do not know how many posts i am going to write.


Like all the other feelings in the world, this too is a feeling. Not everyone feels in the same way so love is different for each and everyone. Some says it is beautiful, other says it is other name for pain. Some says it is about being devoted and other says it is about being dependent. But guys truly its nothing more or less than a feeling, its the people making it critical otherwise it is a relaxing feeling.


Do not get me wrong, love has its own types.

(1) One sided love.
(2) Two sided love.
(3) Attraction, so called love.
(4) Lust, the weired love.


👉when we are kid of about 3 to 4, what is love about??

Even we are not aware of the word love, we are epitome of selflessness. We are being loved by our parents and family and we reciporcate love too in any means we could. Even when we sleep in mamma’s lap mamma feels that we are relaxed in her lap for her our relaxtion is our love. When papa goes somewhere outside we start crying, not because we will miss them but just because we too want to go outside. Papa feels like we love them and we do not want to get them outside. Being unaware of the term love we are sharing love. Love in this age is pious.



👉 completed 4, time to go school so how will defination of love changes now?

New friends, new environment, new we even the “love” defination now changed.  There is one best friend among many friends and what does it show??

It shows now we are loving one on basis of any of his qualitiy, that quality could be anything. So from pious love now it is bit discriminatroy. This is what happeing with most of the school going children. Afterall we all have a that special friend whom we can share our lunch, notes. We too love our others friends but always there is more importnace of that special one. Stupid fights and arguments ,less exceptations. We do not even need to say our freind that ‘i love you” but deep inside our heart we do. Just think how bore you feel when your best friend is absent??

U feel so bore, do not you??


👉 primary education finished, now you are getting your secondary education. Morever you are a teen now, hormonal changes, attraction towards opposite gender. No control over such feelings.

 Tha hard time you are missing a girl or a boy in your life (MISSING A PERSON OF OPPOSITE SEX, NOT LOVE). So you start searching for a girl and you also find her as she too is in search for a boy. You both immature but curious about the new phase of love.

This is the phase you meet with the unusual love. In last two phase i discussed, there was no need to say i love you. It is like no matter you were immatured still you know very well how to reciporcate love. But guys trust me it is important in this phase to say you newly born lover that you love him. Not only saying would be enough, you have to show it via your actions. No choice you have, you just have to do it as many of your friends doing the same. So after pious, to discriminatory and now love full of curiousity. We need to know more and more about your partners either it is about their  family, their interests, their personal life and
Many more things but just think you had said you love them before knowing him as how curious you were to have a partner in your life. This is what i called IMMATURE LOVE OR ATTRACTION.

So now if the person shows resemblance with your dream boy or dream girls than relationship will remain for few years and if not then be sure, one of the two must be searching of the reason for breakup in the order to meet her/his dream person.



Now their comes two possibililty the first one, which i already named one sided love. So i do not need to explain this. In shot only one person is thinking that he has found his perfect match but the second  one is still searching for his mr. Perfect or mrs. Perfect. Well no one is prefectly perfect, it is just one’s assumption or own limits for finding some certain qualities in one person. Let me come to the point, this was all attraction that brought them close but love is not being reciporcated. One must leave the other when found his/her perfect match and the other who is left found him shattered as he/ she was being addicted. He/she founds himself unable to do his regulat stuffs. He/ she starts blaming the other person for his miserable situation but he/ she himself is guilty for their conditions somehow. They misguided themself as they were addicted not they were in love.


And the mess does not ends here, this is what gives rise to love triangle. Everyone better know love traingle aspects. As the quote ” your happiness lies in you loved ones happiness” fails here. Lover becoming enemies, love getting weired.


The second one is two sided love. Thank god both are attracted by each other and as the time is passing they are getting more attracted by each other. This type of attraction can have its two aspects. The first one “lust” one just needs physical and mental pleasure. One clearly know lust is about  getting and love is about giving. A big difference.


He/ she just wanted to be loved. They simply wants a partner for them at any cost. They become possessive for each other. They try to spent most of their times together. They spent their time doing nothing but just saying “i love you” hundred times a day. This possesiveness and madness is also so called love for them. How can being in a limit is love. One should trust the other whom he/she loves. Up to an extent everything is good but just think once how funny it is when someone is texting ” i love you” 100 times a day. Man please just give me a break. I am fed up of this. Well no any emotional connection with the other, all about physical and mental pleasure.


The second one, where this attraction works somehow. As they comes closer, they try to know about one other. Respect each others and their views. Known about one’s comfort level. First get emotionally conneceted and as they get emotionally connected, they felt like devoted to each other. Trust is built between them. They do not say “i love you” in every message. But they always proof it by their actions. They live this phase beautifully. They enhance the beauty of love. They do not only share their happiness but also the reason on being sad with one another. They found themself comfortable in one’s company. No matter either they are close or they are far, they can always feel one another. They always resides in thier prayers, heart, memories. No any limits, no any bonding one feels free in others company. This is what i called beautiful love.


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  1. Ajay Vyas says:

    Your beautiful eyes so clear,It looked like a little teddybear,So sweet and harmless,It would light up the darkness,Look in her unique eyes And you’ll see she’s very wise.. these were the line that strike my mind although I have just seen one pic of yours and when i saw your post the way u have pen down them is simply amzing i mean each and everything by u is so beautifully described … trust me the way u play with the words is simply amazing I mean so magical they are

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  2. theutopiauniverse says:

    It’s a great post, , I find Love to be one of the most difficult subjects to write about, as it means so many different things and to, is always different for every person, we all see it from distint points of view,shapes and sizes, Love is as unique as we are, looking forward to part 2

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