Love :- part 3

So it is my birthday today and i know, i would not be getting enough time tomorrow. Hence posting this right now.

This is the third post regarding love.

Well to make this more intresting, i am going to do this in conversation style.

So the series starts,

👉 Is love driven by Destiny?

Well yes, personally i did not believe in destiny earlier.

But now I do believe in destiny, there is always relation b/w the things happening in our life and in our destiny.

But it never means i let go the things in name of destiny. Like we just can not seat and wait for destiny to knock our door. We have to look outside and found our loved ones.

As we are human, we do commit mistake, can chose a wrong partner and then we could say may be destiny had planned something better for us.

This is where i feel relation to destiny else i do not think destiny will plan event to meet you to your mr. Perfect, that you have to find yourslef.

👉 Can Love reduce and increase ?

I heard people saying, now he/she does not loves me in the same way he earlier did or sometimes people saying our love getting enhanced day by day.

As we all know, its too a feeling. Like pain, hunger, happines etc. sometimes it can be on its highest peak and other time down to earth. So i do believe it can reduce or increase.

👉 How much is the influence of physical sense in the strength of Love ?

physical presence matter but not always.

Sometimes you just need you loved ones  hug you tightly so you could feel relax. For me getting a hug by your loved ones is of higher medication value and other time you need them as distance sometimes creates misunderstanding and that is the high time you need your partner to be your side so that you can make them understand and clear all the chaos in one’s mind.

Physical apperance matters but not always. Your strength lies within you not within other. You just need to close your eyes and think about your strength. Open you eyes, you will find yourself full of new strength and joy.
Is love drive by heart or brain?

Being practical and as i am student of science. The only work of heart is too pump blood. We can not blame our heart for falling in love. It is all our brain working.

And if ones heart beats become faster after seeing his partner, it is again hormonal.

Now comes the term decision making, you become more emotinal while taking decision for you loved ones but again being emotional and making decision is function of brain. So love is connected with both.

👉 What will happen if a lot of people become careless and loveless ? Can that even happen

 No it would not happen ever. One can not get girlfreind, bestfreind.

But we are always blessed with parents. They loves us without any terms and condition and they always do.

The second and third phase(describe in the first post regarding love)  of love can be missing in one’s life. Like one can’t have gf/bf but at an istant they must be someone’s wife or husband and eventually they will fall for each other.

👉 Why does a person love someone so much and when it messes up, why can’t they be the same loveable or loving person ?

It is all mindset and also sometimes ethical values.

Those who can not handle liers and, cheaters will never trust or love his/her partner if they found them gulity again and again.

No one changes without reasons, reasons could be anything. May be the person loses his interest somehow or may be after and instant he/ she does not find his/her partner worth his love/ affection/ trust.

String broken once, can not be the same again, can be tied once or twice but if it contiunes breaking, person stops tieing it again and again as one know later it is not going to work. Some scars get healed by time but still left their marks.

Same with the pesron, you can forgive you partner once or twice as taking them as their mistake but when the others start taking advantage of it. The situation becomes worse.

So guys i am finsihed with this question answer series.

I hope you guys loved this as this is the first time i am posting the whole post in different style.

So let me know, if you find it intresting☺☺


35 thoughts on “Love :- part 3

  1. mywords331 says:

    B lated happy b’dy mahima..
    And yes your post in different style is really very interesting..
    How easily you have answered such complex problems of love life..
    Very well written..

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  2. buddy71 says:

    happy happy happy birthday!!!!!! it is really the one holiday that i think is important. 🙂

    this has been an interesting read, but like i said before, a bit on the clinical side. it really is a chemical response that triggers the emotions of love and how that person responds to all that. it can be different in everyone.

    but i would really like to know your feelings/thoughts on how you have felt or hope to feel.

    relationships are mix and match and work it out.

    i still stand behind what i have told you before… you are an interesting and intriguing woman. you have brains and beauty. 🙂

    hope you have an awesome birthday!!!!

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  3. Advanced Research Technology says:

    Happy birthday! Love often works out to our expectations and what we bring into it. If we say we cannot expect it to be lasting, then often it isn’t lasting. If we expect it to be forever, then that is what we bring into it causing it to fulfill.
    There are no solids in life… only what we make of it. We’re in the driver’s seat. 🙂

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