Love :- part two

Continuation of part 1.

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This beautiful love do not have beautiful ending always as love is not like meera and shri krishna these day.
Devotion is not enough. One must wanted to get married with their loved ones.

Regarding marriages, again comes two possibilites.

1)  The happy ending of love, couple getting married what we call love marriage  (sometimes love marriages are arranged too) either with blessings of their parent or sometimes without blessings as everyone does not allow love marriages in their family. But i wonder if parents love their children, they must permit them as they are asking for their happiness. Well there may be other reasons too may be the parents think they can search a better life partner for their children.

One more things, not every love marriages get sucess. Well some may fail to resulting in divorce and some too becomes ideal.

2) well there is a second possibility too. Both of them being aparted, feeling shattered, blaming their destiny, tears rolling down thier eyes. They are left with two options, either being get married by the one whom their parents wants or to commit suicide. Let me clarify i am not promoting suicide. I am just saying what we all are seeing in society, t.v, newspapers.

👉 if they are being married by an other guy, they starts seraching the quality of his first love in the person he/she get married with . If they eventually find them than alright and  they may start loving the other person, yes guys love happnes twice. Prctically this happens. The bad aspect related to this,sometimes the one could never forget theire fisrt love so their married life get worst day by days. No understanding, no love, no matter if the person he/ she get married with ,loves him with all the means he/she has, the other is never going to except him. This sometimes give born to love triangle, the one is cheating over his partner. This can also end with getting  divorced. The beautiful love having its worse end.

So guys, love is simple, pure, pious. It is  we the human making its complicated. For us love comes with terms and condition. When we accept love as feeling only, when we stop demanding in love, when we starts believeing in destiny. Evrything is going to be fine. No problem if you fall in love once or twie but do not let this love become your weakness rather take it as your strenght.

I know it is hard to forget the one you love, but yet not impossible as everything is within you. Just a strong determination and that phase will pass too.

Do not ask for anything in love. It is all about devotion. Do not act possessive either let your partner feel free as you THEIR LOVED ONE is with them.

Do not fix time for calls and mesages. Try to listen one’s soul sound. I am not saying calling and messaging is of no use but never give them more improtnace in your love life.

Distance never matters in love, as one is connected emotionally.

Well, there are many who found love of no value. But they are being practical nothing else as like other feelings it too exist. No one could deny this fact.

The part i do not like about that, love defination is changed these days. Well everything changes with time and so this love. We can not help this out.

But at least we could express love in the form we want to. We do not need to follow others. Make it on you own choice.


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  1. aruna3 says:

    U r right should not be one’s weakness bt as a strenght.dis is feeling forever for enjoy life because it is pure,selfishness n demanding sacrifice.who love for marriege is phisical pure love is spritual.m i right?

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