Gud afternoon bloggers, i am writing over a sensational topic.

I was forced to write on this topic because everyday i am hearing about girls being harrased, being raped.

Either the rapist get punishment for the crime done or he moves freely but this is not the solution because neither the rapist will come to an end nor these cases.😯

So here is something i wrote :-

Dignity of a girl is like polished diamond.
Scratch on it and the value lessened.

Still for the wicked it never matters.
They are always like who cares.


Girls are being raped.
Girls are being trapped.

Girls are physically hurt.
Then left with broken souls.


Why to blame girs for wearing short dress?
Are the girls in suits are totally safe?


There are limits for girls, why not for the rapist boys?
Why a girl for those rapist is considered as toy?


Rapist walks freely even after the heinous crime.
And the girls are left with uncurable scars at the same time.


It is hard to belieive on a guy in this world.
In form of human, they themself are the sword.


Noone even stands on the girls side.
Girls do not have options other than to hide.

A happy girl get change in to a sad one.
An innocent girl get pain in ton.

I wonder what was her fault ??
Why she was being assault ??

Life of such girls become their death.
They stop living , they only breathe.

Media got news and lawyer get case.
But can the girl be in her former phase.

Court may give her justice.
And punish the rapist.

But is it a full stop to her pain ??
What about her fomer freedom, can she gain it again ??

Guilty can be accused, the girls may get compensations.
Still the soceity have many more rapist, is not this a matter of tension??


54 thoughts on “RAPE

  1. rapesurvivor12 says:

    Very powerful, it all begins with talking about rape more and bringing more awareness. It is such a taboo subject for people and it shouldn’t be. And I do agree harsher punishments as a lot of the time a few years is nothing especially after the victims life is completely ruined and changed forever

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  2. Gabriella Faith says:

    Hello 💕 I just wanted to share my personal story about being raped that can be found on my blog loveforanimalsweb.wordpress.com
    This was the hardest experience of my life and I just want to be an inspiration to others going through bad situations 💕


  3. राकेश कुमार डोगरा says:

    वो उड़ती हवाओं के रूख से है, एक भाव मस्ती का है,
    हर फूल उसे चाहता है, पर उसके हाथ में कुछ नहीं है।

    मन तितली सा है, पर तितली नही है,
    न जाने किस रंग पे मर जाए, चाहें जीवन का नहीं है।
    हर निगाह में बसती है, कभी ख्याल बनकर उड़ती है,
    पंचायतों की मर्ज़ी के बिना, उसका कोई बसेरा नहीं है।

    वो बादशाह था तो मान लिया, प्यार


  4. ajaykohli says:

    Rape is a psychological disorder ,rapists are mentally sick ,they are like mad dog need to be shot ,regarding girls , its like deer has to protect itself lion is always on prowl ,no one can stop rape completely ,we can restrict it with strict laws and psychological study .

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  5. MansiGujjar says:

    nice post… i would love to share this post.., as this is something everyone should read… on one side girls r achieving their dreams, giving tuff competition to males but seeing the other side.. its really tuff for girls to grow as a person, as these people(the rapist) will never let girls walk on the ladder of success.

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    • MansiGujjar says:

      i have a solution for this…
      1. strict laws for the rapist..so that he cud think twice before doing such crime.
      2. Teach boys to respect female they r nt a toy to play with…
      hope u got the solution…:)

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      • mahimasingh97 says:

        Mansi there are strict laws enforced against rapist even in present days but still we get many chances to listen girls being raped.

        And most important how many of the rape cases go to the court..majority of girls get hesistated to speak over this topic…some feels that if they will ask for justice again they have to memorize all the worst things that they do not want to do😯😯

        I agree boy should be tought to respect females….

        Moreover practical things are not applicable in such cases, that is why rapes are more a issue of tension.

        Thank you for sharing your views regarding solutions and yes they helped.

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      • ywwp says:

        1. strict laws for the rapist..so that he cud think twice before doing such crime.
        Answer: Agreed: But what strict law you mean. Or check the below situation:

        A 14 year girl can be employed in home as full time maid as per law….Most often men find it as an opportunity to rape her.
        Now, who will get the strict law to correct this situation?
        2. Teach boys to respect female they r nt a toy to play with…
        Answer: Agreed:

        Can you provide or refer content anyone from google for teaching it?


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      • mahimasingh97 says:

        Well yes there are some ways to teach them how to respect girls :-

        Social awareness classes.

        They should be aware of what rapist do is a crime and they will have to pay for it.

        In our school prayers, we repeat all in group all indians our brother and sister, there are exceptations to these😂

        Anyways if they will treat girls like their own family member ( mother, sister, cousins) may be they will feel connected and think twice before doing such things.

        Rapists are more hungry people who are in hunger, for them girls is their flesh they just want to have them at any cost.

        Sorry if i sound offensive, they have to choose an another way to fed themself as everyone knows yes there are ways.

        I do not need to explain it here.


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