I have seen many person of my age group going through the phase of being avoided by their near and dear ones.

They are ready to be in relationship but they are not ready to being rejected.


Rejection is somehow natural these day because most of the relation these days are nothing more than infatuation and immatured relationships. Most of the times either a person just uses the other and then left the other person or   they get a better choice than them.👫 👉👉 💑

Most of us has gone through this phase .The phase of being ignored by the ones we love from bottom of our heart. This results im a serious heartbreak. 💔

Sometime we are ignored because we have hurt the other person intentionally or unintentionally. Atleast in this case we know the reason behind being ignored so we can accept this ignorance somehow.😟😟😟

But what if a person leaves us suddenly without our fault. We kept him calling and messaging he/she even does not response. In such cases one goes through serious heart throbe. They find them helpless and lonely soul.😢😢😢

They keep looking at their mobile screens. Any pop up on their mobile give them a fake hope. They kept crying the whole night.

They keep on regreting or they keep blaming the other person but both of these can not provide them mental peaces.😔😔😔

As the one knows it very well, he/she has not comitted any mistake then regreting will not work and one should not regret without their fault even in order to save their so called relation. One has to respect them own.😎😎😎

And also why to blame others if we still care for them. Yes we do that is the only reason we are still thinking about him.😞😞😞

Alright blaming the other person can give relaxation to the one for an instant.  As it is human psychology that sometimes proving the other as wrong give us the feeling that we are right. But what if at the next moment we start thinking , what the shit we have done right now. By doing this we again losted him and we will start  losing our fake hope that the person will come back to us someday.

My point is neither regreting nor blaming would work. They will just make you feel more disturbed and more shattered or may give you short term peace.

People says, forget him. Consider him death. Well many more things. But the question is are they practically applicable??

I do not think so, most of us can not be so stong to face this mental trauma and considering a alive person death is next to impossible, isn’t it.

So what should we do when we are being rejected by someone and we even do not know the reasons?

Well the answer to this question is very easy.


👉Keep yourself busy doing other stuffs. The stuffs that you love. Our mind rules our body so keep your mind busy. Do not think over the past or about the person. Try to engage yourslef in the present.

👉 There are many persons in your life who loves you unconditinally. Spend time with them. Your family and best freinds are always the best supporter that you have.

👉Think over the things that you wanted to do but you have not done them yet…do them now. Put all your energy in acheiveing your dream.👍👍


👉Make new freinds but this time be conscious while choosing the one. Even i think being alone in some phases of life is important too.
Loneliness is sometimes much better than fake people and fake freinds. Enjoy being alone trust me,  you are at your best when you are with you.👫👬👭

👉It is said that when a door closes other doors open but we keep ourself busy in looking at the closed door that we can not see the door that is open only for us.  Look forwad for the good things. Outside your stress zone a new world begins. The world full of joy and excitement. You need Just to come outside and only then you will realize how beautiful the world is. 🏡🏡🗻🗻


👉He/she is ignoring you without any reason. Why you should waste your valuable time/ your words/your tears on him. He/she neither deserves your time nor your words and i think sometimes being silent is the greatest weapon.😐😐


👉You do not need to regret and why should you??
Because neither you have comitted and mistake nor you are in loss, the other person is in loss. You lost the one who even do not cares for you and he/she losted the one who loved them truly. Keep your love for the one who deserves.💗💗💗

👉Love is a source of energy. And a/q to physics energy is neither created nor destroyed, it is just converted in to one form to other. In the same way your love would be reciporcated in some other ways just keep your eyes open.❤


👉YOU AND ONLY YOU can help yourself. No other in this world can help you untill you want to help yourself.👩

👉 Always remember people comes as chapter in our life, they are neither the whole book nor the whole life. They just comes as a part and then finishes like a part. They comes to teach us a lesson.📚


👉Sometime we have good experinces and sometimes bad experience too but later in our life these collection of expereinces makes us a better and a wiser person.😇


So guys do not get sad over rejection as rejection is natural.

How to cope up from this is someting that matters and i hope this post will work for them who were being ignored or who are still being ignored.

Nobody in this world can ignore you untill you give them a chance.  If they on rejecting you are happy. Consider yourself to be the happiest😊😊😊

Right not i know most of the people are thinking that these things are easy to say but hard to follow but trust me it is just hard but not impossible and i am very sure in our whole life, we have done things harder than this.



  1. Yours_Deepu says:

    Being ignored by your loved ones and whose attention means the world to you is the worst feeling. But yes..
    Maturity is silent.
    Success is silent.
    Confidence is silent.
    Let your life do all the talking, and you’ll never need to say a word. Beautiful written Mahima 👌👏

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  2. theonlysup says:

    well there must be a reason , people pull back from the relationship for a reason. may be the other person failed to identify or communicate to their partner about it .
    a suddenly pullback can be a cause f over possessiveness, over nagging, insecurity , frequent fights, can be anything but you get a hint if which you ignore generally.
    alright coming to tips you gave. this would work but needs time but definitely a solution .
    good one . keep sharing

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  3. buddy71 says:

    Also, to have a good relationship one must practice and that may mean going through several before each get it right enough to be together. Thus, the practice in my first comment. 🙂

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  4. buddy71 says:

    Practice , practice, practice…
    People do leave and there is a reason, they may not care to share as if they did, they might get talked out of leaving. Lol
    But feelings change. A person may not be what we thought they were. It takes two to have a relationship. But I would say most of the time people leave as their expectations were not met and they are fearful of expressing those expectations as they don’t want to be embarrassed. So, to save face…they just up and leave.
    Another good post from you. You are one smart woman.

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