Papa mere papa☺☺☺

Good afternoon to you all reading this☺☺☺

I could not made a post on father day hence i am doing it now☺☺☺

Well father’s day was the day dedicated to all the fathers and was special but i feel every father is special and so is everyday.

This one for you papa. 😘😘😘

I do not know from where to start as i have to say a lot. This post is not going to be enough to express my feelings as no words in this world could relate my feelings. All i am writing is just a part.

I had seen superheroes in movies only, do not know if they really exists or not but for me my papa is more than superhero as he is always there for me when i am in trouble.🎅🎅🎅❌❌🙎🙎🙎

GOOGLE,  i am using since last 6 years but before that you were the only man who answered all my strange question no matter if they make sense or not !!!!✅✔✅✔😎😎😎

Neither i am a princess nor you are a king. Neither we live in palace nor we have all the luxuries. But yes you have given me all the things that you can bare.👸👸👸❌❌❌😊😊😊

I do not know papa where i will be after ten years .I even do not know whether the things will be sorted out or not. But one thing that i am very sure about is i will be the best daughter and you will be the proudest father. 👪👪

I know you get completely distubed whenever i am sick. You can not see me in pain and i too can not see you in pain. Your pain are much worse than mine. I can not take them. I want you to be happy always. 😢😢➡😊😊

I could realize the helplessness of yours when you even can not cry. 😑😑

I could listen to your silence when mess is going within you.😷😷

I could feel that gaze in your eyes when you saw me happy. ☺☺

I could relate everything to you as you are my world.🏡🏡🏡

Papa i know sometimes situations are worse because of me but you never let me know. You think that i do not understand anything, i am still a baby girl but no i am matured enough to understand all the things but yes i would never let you know about that because i wanted to be your baby girl always.🙇🙇🙇❌❌👧👧👧

Sometimes You get hopeless but you never stop encouraging me.

 Sometimes You found all ways closed but you never stopped showing me the paths.

Sometimes you get angry over the situation but you never shouted on me.

I saw many worst moments but for me nothing is more worse than seeing you in trouble. I wish if i could sort them out and yes someday i wil do it for you.

Yeah i lied sometimes. Lying is not a good habit i know but trust me papa i lied just to handle some small situations like when i went through the pain, you keep wandering in my room and kept asking me if i am fine in that situations i have to lie. When i forgot to take medicines and you call me to ask if i had taken them and i say yes.

I found myslef hopeless sometime but a line of yours makes me feel alive. They fulfill me with new energy and that line of yours is “JO KUCH NI KRTE WO KAMAL KRTE HAI”

I am waiting till the time this line comes true.

Love you papa.


24 thoughts on “Papa mere papa☺☺☺

  1. bhaatdal says:

    I am in tears , day before i read a post on @NJ “neerja’s ” blog and felt the same , Daughters are the priceless gift we parents can ever get , No doubt You are a pari and you are wonderful, kamal ab bhi karrai ho , aur bahut bara kamal agei karogi , abhi toh shuruat hai .. Bas jab bahut bari ban jao toh yad rakhna shuruat chote se hoti hai ..
    No doubt your papa will be proud to have you as his daughter . Stay blessed and succeed in every phase of like with a broad smile 🙂

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