On the name of god !!!!

Good evening guys☺☺☺

I was feeling so stressed yesterday and that is why i had decided to go for a walk.  Even i was unknown from the fact that on my way i would get something to write about.

So here i am sharing about yesterday incidents and later i am sharing my religious beliefs.

As i was passing nearby a temple, i saw some boys sellings different flowers( datura, kanels, bhangs, belpatras) on unexcepted price. These all flowers and leaves grows as fast as weeds grow. On a normal day these all are nothing more than poisionous leaves. Yes trust me these all are poisonous. I was so amazed as they can be easily available to the people still they were buying them.

I stepped ahead because neither i can stop the sellers nor the buyers. Because everyone has their own way to show their love for god. If people find satisfaction in buying those expensive flower than who i am to stop them. Even those boys were earning on the name of god.

I had not even moved ten to twenty steps and there i saw a person selling coupons for visiting the temple. I asked a local shopkeeper there is this the method to visit here??

He said ” nahi aisa nahi hai aaj sawan ki antim somwari hai” ( no, it is just that today is last monday of sawan)

Well i hope , i do not need to explain the importance of this month. In short this month is of great importance for hindus and especially the mondays of this month are important. People worship lord shiva and keep fastings.

Being honest i do not do any of them. Yes i worship god, i believe in almighty but for me everyday is same. I do not know why people have assigned special days for special gods.

One side these messengers of god says “god is one” and on the other side different days are assigned for different gods. I really wonder about this inconsistency in thoughts!!!!


Anyways let me come to the point. I saw people buying coupons for the entry. A new twist was there were two different rates for the coupons. One was of rupees fifty, a/q to which people can worship god but they can not go under the gate. And the second was of hundred, a/q which people can get inside and worship god. Thank god time limit was same for both😂😂😂

I kept walking and thinking about those two classes of people.
Why there were two tickets??

Why people were making choices?

Who made such rules?

Whose prayer would go to the god first??

I just came to a single point, god gives us a/q to our deeds. No matter either we are paying rs. 50 aur rs. 100.

God listens to the one who have a pure soul, not the one who spends a lot on the name of god.


The ways of showing the love and faith can be different for different people. But always remember god is always the one.

After walking for 15 minutes, again i saw there was a temple. I thought same process would be going there.

Flowers on unexcepted rates, people in rush, ticket counters, different rules !!!!

But as soon as i reached there, i saw scene was completely different. No rush, no coupons, nothing same as it was before. There were only few people who were making prayers. The temple was much smaller in comparsion to the first one but trust me there was a sign of serenity and calmness.

There was no one to sell flowers and coupons. People were free there. No one was making money.


I thought both the temples have same god within it but still why majority of people were praying in the temple which was much bigger ??

There was rush all around, they could not even meditate but the other temple was totally different people can meditate there. Still people choose the one where was rush all around !!!

Do not we say that “god is everywhere”.

Why than people were choosing the large temple ??

Does the god resides in large temple ??

Coming to my religious beleifs:-

👉👉 God is everywhere. He is within us. We just need to find him out.


Temples should be visited if one wants to but it is not mandatory as god is everywhere. We just need to remember him with a pure soul.

No matter temples are large or small. They are a symbol of faith. And faith never comes in size. It comes from you as it lies within you.

Being religious never means being superstitious.

You can not keep fasts, it is completely alright . God never says you to be hungry. Just be human, be spiritual, be true to yourself.



44 thoughts on “On the name of god !!!!

  1. राकेश कुमार डोगरा says:

    Nice post.
    I know you know all know
    We are perishables
    But still
    Mind games
    Flesh trades.
    Hardly matter you are veg
    Or non veg.

    मेरा भगवान पत्थर की मूर्ती में वास करता है,
    मेरा विश्वास मेरी मुश्कि्लों में निवास करता है।

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  2. theonlysup says:

    I hardly go to temple. earlier temples were construct on the place where earths magnetic field was more. so when you do pradakshina or take rounds u feel the positive energy, when u enter , the smell of agarbattis would act as an aroma therapy, the theertha or holy water what they give consisted of tulasi which had medicinal value, lights every where and gentle Vedic chants would again make you feel a positive vibes around . the place would be calm ..when you keep kumkum n your forehead , it is said to activate
    ah !! now you see nothing as such is followed. I even do not find peace of mind . hence do not visit that much ..everything is commercialized as u said

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