Brothers :- A precious gift

Good morning lovely people and a very happy rakhi to you all☺☺☺

Brothers, the most precious part of a girl’s life.

I really do not know how to describe this special creation of god but still i am doing it in my own way.


They are first male friend of a girl who stays with them forever . 👫

They are the masterminds behind any
Mischeif. 😂😂😂

The partners in all your silly mistake but yes once you get caught…you will find them in your opposition😂😂😂


No matter how beautiful you look, your brother is not going to adore you. And thank god, even sister do not except beautiful lines from their brothers. Sisters are happy even on hearing stupid, ugly and monkey. 🙌🙌

Warning :- A boy other than brother is not eligible for doing such a work of bravery.😉😂😂

Brothers, they may not be with you in your happiest times but yes when you really need them they will be there for you.☺☺☺


Brothers generally do not say ” i love you”  but  yes that is for sure deep inside their heart they loves their sister more than anything else.😘😘😘

No matter how old a sister gets, brothers are not going to stop teasing. Pulling a sister’s hair is one of the basic right of brothers.😈😈

They get a special pleasure when their sister gets irritated by them.

No matter how many likes and lovely comments you are getting on a picture of yours. A brother will notice all the other things in picture except you and if there is nothing else in the picture then they will adore the filter you used..getting a lovely comments from brother is something next to impossible.❤❤💔💔

Brothers, they do not take time to be a spy. As soon as they catch you with a stranger or even online late night. They are going to investigate, what is going on !!!!

They knows all your secrets and most important they know the exact time for revealing it. Be cautious while sharing your secrets that may be responsible for bringing a glass of water in chilly winter when you are wrapped in  blanket.😂😂😂

They can buy you the most precious gift but they used to fight for the last bite of the food you are having.🎂🎂🎂

They are male version of angels on the earth.😇😇😇

They are the one who always makes you cry doing stupid things but they also try their best to make you smile when you are crying.😯❌😊✔


Brothers are free to say that you do not look beautiful, no one is going to marry you, you are so fat but trust me if an other boy rejects you by saying all these than the same boy gonna be the worst person on the planet.😈😈😈


They can make fun of yours but they will never allow other to do it.

They gives best of their advice. Well being honest most of the times they works but sometimes😰😰. i hope you guys got me !!!

Brothers, they always are the wellwishers of their sisters no matter if in order of doing this they have to be possesive or over protective . Brothers are always right☺☺☺

Let me clear, a brother is a boy and all brothers are best for their sisters.

A brother may be a boyfreind for a other girl and her sister is always going to help him if he needs just beacuse a girl knows very well what love is but  brother does not generally helps a sister in all these just because they know what boys are as most of the boys are not trustworthy. 😦

Being a brother never means sharing common biological parents. It is much more deep. It is about sharing a special bond that is conneceted via heart.

It is not about calling or messaging each other on a daily basis but it is about to be connected forever.

Brothers are epitome of selflessness love and Shadow of a father😇😇😇


Being a sister is being lucky.👸👸👸

Blessed to have the most wonderful brothers of the world☺☺☺

Wishing you all a very happy rakhi ☺☺

Stay happy.😊😊😊
Stay blessed.😇😇😇


57 thoughts on “Brothers :- A precious gift

  1. Abhisheksandilya says:

    प्रिय बहना, तुम्हारी ये रचना सचमुच दिल को छू गई। सच मानो ये काफी सराहनीय और सर्वश्रेष्ठ है। तुम्हारी ये रचना एक खूबसूरत स्वेटर की तरह है जिसको तुम ने भाई – बहन के रिश्ते की खट्टी-मीठि अनुभवों से बुना है।
    मुझे भी कुछ कहना है –
    भाई -बहन का नाता ऐसा है कि एक-दूसरे के जीवन को गहरे तक प्रभावित करता है। यह रिश्ता जीना सिखाता है और जीवन संवारता भी है।
    आशा करता हूँ कि तुम्हें पसंद आया होगा।

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  2. ~~ emzlee :) says:

    Ahh.. this one makes me want to hug my brother right now. 🙂 It’s beautifully written!

    By the way, can you tell me about the holiday that you are celebrating? I’m from Philippines, and we don’t have such. If you could please enlighten me. 🙂 Thank you!

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  3. Cattie's World says:

    I Love this Rakshabandhan Festival of India. Though I am a Roman Catholic, this is one Festival, I follow strictly.

    Since I don’t have a brother, I keep making as many Brothers as I can along my journey of life.

    Honestly Brothers are very protective about their Sisters. That’s why I always wish I had a brother, older to me. I love to be treated as a Princess too.

    A special request to all of you. Please don’t just press the “Like” button. All of here are Writers, Poets or Artists in our own way. So please, do take time to “Write a Few Meaningful Comments” to every post your happen to read. It serves as a Great Motivation to the Writer.


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    • mahimasingh97 says:

      Thank you swtiee for making such a lovely comment.

      Wow good to know that you have many brothers in your life as i already mentioned it is not about blood relations. It is much more deep.

      And yes very true, commenting on a post is really appreciable all the times. The great way to interact and t learn☺☺☺

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      • Cattie's World says:

        But my Rakhi brothers have not protected me like a True Brother would have. They just shared the Festivity of things and disappeared after 2 to 3 years.
        So I’m still tying Rakhis and trying to find the Ultimate True Brother of my Life.

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      • mahimasingh97 says:

        It is hard dear but not impossible as this world has still good people.

        You neither can change the people nor this world…so you just focus on yourself and trust me you will find the one who will be a true freind of yours just because of your goodness☺☺

        A true person will find you someday.


      • mahimasingh97 says:

        As u said you were not good to him. It was your fault not his. You treated your true freind in a bad way. In search of a brother you losted a good freind 😯

        All good freinds can not be your brother dear better you except it.


      • Cattie's World says:

        No No No, you got me wrong.
        I am looking out for some tough and sweet big brother to protect me.

        My Best Friend (He and Me) – I was the victim there. He used me and broke his promises. So I had to let go of him and move on.

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