Insane girl !!!!


In the world or harsh realities,
She lives in her own world of imagination.

In the world of betrayers,
She keeps searching for a honest guy.

In the world of selfishness,
She is being an epitome of selflesseness.

In the world, full of dual characters,
She is like an open book.

In the treacherous world,
She is looking for a loyal one.

In the world, where show off is necessary
She is following her customs and ethics.


In such a world,
People calls her crazy and insane !!!!

As In the world of almost fake,
She is one of the real !!!
She is one of her kind !!!
She is a limited edition !!!


                                             Mahima singh


39 thoughts on “Insane girl !!!!

  1. cherylfoston says:

    Hopefully, this was not about you. You are not a limited addition. You are a beautiful unique person with a lovely soul. If I have misunderstood your message here, please forgive me, but what I state is true about you. Thank you, for reading my blog and I shall continue to support yours as well.

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  2. ANM7 says:

    It then is up to the collector of limited editions, and it appears that once in the hands of the happy collector, he will find the edition “illimitable”.
    Lovely post. Thanks

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