The perfect betrayer.


You said, we are friends.
i believed.

You said, our friendship will never end.
i believed.

You said, you are falling for me.
i believed.

You said, i and you will be together forever.
i believed.

You said, you will never leave me alone.
i believed.

Everytime i beleived you, i am regreting over that now.



I do not allow everyone in to my world, i allowed you as i found you genuine.

But what you did in return, you destroyed my world.

It was best for me, however it was.
It was the happiest place i had ever been.


Yes, for sure it would be sooner the same as it was before.
But what about now ??

I always wanted, not to hurt others .
But what if i did, like you did to me.

you had shattered me, my faith, my beleifs. I feel worse thinking over this.

But i know, i am loyal enough, i would not do the same as you did.

You, the betrayer not only betrayed me but also you had crossed the fine line between the real and the fake.

It would be now, hard for me to distinguish between the genuine and the fake.


I could still remember, how faithfully you behaved, i never knew that was drama only.

If i had known it before, i was never gonna be part of that but unfortunately i trusted you blindly.

I could still remember the sugar coated words of yours.

If i had any idea that sugar gonna be melt someday, i would not have even listen to you.

I left this all on destiny because you might neglect your deeds but there is someone noticing you every moment.

Yes, i was an emotional fool and you were a perfect betrayer.

For now the worse thought coming in to my mind is, what if i trusted you more !!

For now i am just emotionally broken but if i had trusted you more, you must had damaged my soul.

My goodness !! I did not trust you anymore .



54 thoughts on “The perfect betrayer.

  1. buddy71 says:

    without taking chances we can not move forward. each situation we should learn something and build a foundation.
    I am not sure, but feel most people do not start out with the intent to harm in a relationship.
    in Buddhist teachings, nothing is permeant.
    I also hope that the situation(s) these words describe do not keep you from trying again.
    a relationship takes both to make it work. it also takes two for it to be destroyed .

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