Toward success :- part two

Good morning guys ☺☺☺

So here is the second part of my last post “TOWARD SUCCESS”

👉 Strong determination.

As i already said, one can not be successful since birth. One has to work for it and while working strong determination is needed. As success is not a single step process, it is a chain mechanism.

Sometimes, there may be problems in your ways. Sometimes, you will think that you have gained nothing. Sometimes, things will seem impossible to you. But in all the times, do not let the bad moment shatter you, infact be strong- determined. what you have started, you have to finish no matter how many difficulties comes in your way.

Ex :- in one of the seminar of sandeep maheshwari, i heard think hundred of times before starting something but once you have started just finish it in a good way.

Related story of strong determination :- This story was being told by my elder brother when i was disappointed.

                  Story of a mouse

There were many rats residing in the ceiling of a floor. Once when the room owner knew this fact. He decided to kill them so he filled a container with milk. The rats after seeing the milk entered in to container but unfortunately they sink in the milk and many of them losted their lives. Among them there was a mouse who had decided he would not lose his life so he kept floating and floating and in this way milk was getting churned. He was unable to swim but he tried and tried and slowly the liquid milk started to change in semi solid form seeing this other mice started doing the same and at last they remained alive because they did not sink in the butter.
( milk when churned continuously changes in to a semi solid substance called butter)

👉 your comfort zone.

Outside your comfort zone is where the magic begins. Do not ever underestimate yourself. Probably there is nothing that a human can not do. Do not use your weak points as your excuses. Instead work on them. Rise and shine 😊😊😊

👉 Be true to yourself.

The world is full of tracherous people but do not be the same as they are. Just be yourself.

Be a good person but do not waste your time to proof it and sometimes you need to be a bad person but do not let it effect the good in you.

If people are good to you, be your best to them and if people are bad to you, then just equate them from your life’s equation. No need to be the same as they are.

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22 thoughts on “Toward success :- part two

    • mahimasingh97 says:

      Desire acts as lighting agent in human, doesn’t it.

      If a person dreams of acheiving something, he tries his best whereas if we force a person to do something without his intrest, he does not gives his 100%.


      • mahimasingh97 says:

        Still i want to and i am trying my best. There are many difficulites coming in my paths but i have strong feelings that someday i will give my medical entrance exams☺☺

        You know very well about the factors opposing me. I can not change the situation but atleast i cant discourage myself.


      • mahimasingh97 says:

        Agree completely.

        For these efforts we need to stay calm and positive.

        Being sucess never means being a doctor or an engineer but it counts all the step towards the dream.

        Uncontrollable are the thing, uncontrollable is our mind. Postivity controls us. It creates a sensation of well being. It boost you with a new energy. It is refreshing.

        Positivity, one can gain for physical exercise other from meditation.
        One can gain from helping others and one from motivating seminars.

        Positivity is a shell, needed to be created just to keep away yourself from negativity. This shell is not to cover you either it is to protect you from the negativities.


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