Thanking you lovely people

Good day everyone ☺☺☺

I am so happy and let me tell you the reason behind this. I opened wordpress and suddenly i got a notification, i have five hundred followers on wordpress. Oo my my half of thousand 😉😉😉


For me this is like achieving a milestone.

Everyone starts from zero and then these increament in the numbers shows how much they have grown.

I have started from one follower, which was obviously me, myself 😜😜.

But now there are 499 other people from different parts of world who are following me. I am really very thankful to each and everyone of them. I wish if i could thank them individually but unfortunately i can not but yes for sure i am very grateful to them.

Hugs and love to you lovely people. 😘

The love you guys showed, in form of like and follows. The appreciation you give in form of your comments are the reasons that i feel so connected to you all.

When i started writing here on wordpress, the people here were completely strangers to me but sooner i started feeling like a family.

Everyone are just amazing here. They are supportive and creative 😊😊

I want to thank some extra special person as for me now they are more than bloggers. I feel so connected to them. I am very sure that further at any instant of my life, i am not going to forget them. They will be with me forever and ever.

Coming to the list of those extra special persons.
(Those who are not listed are special too, it is just that they are much impactful, do not know why)

1) Jyotsana di :- Her blog adress is

Five points about her :-
👉 she is one of the sweetest lady i have ever met. ☺☺
👉 she is universal di. ☺☺
👉 Her hindi writes up are admirable.
👉 she praises the new comers always.
👉 she is like family. 👭

How do i feel like after getting her comments?

👉 in short, she knows how to bring smile on my face.



2) Mr bhanu :- His blog adress is

Five points about him :-
👉 where comes the topic love, there comes he. ❤❤
👉 He is a question bank and all his question makes complete sense. 😉
👉 He is the reason behind my two posts which were in series. One was regarding love and other was regarding reservation. I fell in discussion with him on these topic and i thought to pen down my thoughts.😇😇
👉 He is just awesome.
👉 He is himself the short encyclopedia.📚📚

How do i feel like after getting his comments?

I become very sure that i am going to atleast one new point. ☺☺


3) Mrs. Akhila :- Her blog adress is

Five points about her :-
👉 She believes in ethics. 😇😇
👉 She is an active blogger. 😊😊
👉 She is an all rounder, i mean just look at her blog. She is good enough.☺
👉 She is a sceince student, aaahaaa beauty with the brain. 🙆
👉  She has her own concept of love which i love too. She believes in loving the one whom you can get married with or marry the one and then after love him.

How do i feel like when i get her comments?

Sometimes i feel, like her, we both have same tempo. So getting her comments is always the pleasure.



4) Mr. Sumit :- His blog adress is

Five point about him :-
1) I guess, it is better to say him ” The bearded man”.
2) He is truly a genuine person and so freindly .👦 👫👬👭
3) His collobaration of unconditional love series are damn romantic.😍😍
4) He is a listener, a speaker, an idol, a teacher, a blogger, a traveller. He is a superboy 😛
5) From english, to hindi and now also urdu his writes up are amazingly beautiful.

How do i feel like after getting his comments?

He comments less often still his comments bring smile on my face. Emoji is his comments are must. 😘😘



5) This guy has not told me his name yet. I called him buddy. His blog adress is

Five point about him :-
👉 He is permanent visitor of my blog.☺☺
👉 He never forgets to admire me and for me his clicks are admirable. 😊😊
👉 He is the one with who likes to discuss on several topics. His points seems too legit.
👉 He has good expereinces regarding relationships.
👉 He too seems genuine. 👨

How do i feel like after getting his comment?

Let me clear guys, if he does not comment on any of my post. I started thinking, where is he, has he read my post or not. Without his comment i feel as something is missing. He admires me always for my writes up. He loves to have discussions with me and me too.



Thanking you all once again ☺☺

The points i shared about are my observations since long. If observed wrong, let me know😂😂

Stay connected, keep supporting☺☺


32 thoughts on “Thanking you lovely people

  1. buddy71 says:

    You have become one very popular woman! How will you ever have time for me? Lol. 😉
    As I have said before, you have brains and beauty and I wish we could sit across from one another and have talks as I feel the conversations would be wonderful and enlightening and I would love to discuss more but this way is too cumbersome to really get involved in a good talk with you or anyone.
    You are truly an awesome woman and thank you for you kind words. 🙂 🙂 ❤ ❤

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  2. bhaatdal says:

    Hey ! Mahima congratulations dear, astound to see my name in your list of such wonderful friends and guides . I am very much delighted with the word “Family” , Thanks a tonne lil sister keep going and succeeding , hope you have your rest half Thousand very soon. I am sorry in replying late as my iphone fall in water 😦 ,.Thank you once again dear for the wonderful post .

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  3. Mahesh Mali says:

    Congratulations Mahima ! 💐 🎉🎉

    The extra special bloggers you mentioned are really extra special ! I haven’t interacted with buddy , but I know others , they are always been supporting and spreading smiles among fellow bloggers 😃

    And Again , I wish your blog get thousands of followers soon ..

    Have a nice day 😇

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  4. Akhila says:

    hi dear…never could i guess myself to be in your special list….really glad with your words and moreover, you read me well …really happy …

    and thanks for making us know a few other blogers.. except sumit all are new to between the is not existing.. please have a look.

    and wish you to have tons of followers…

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