Towards success :- part three

Good morning guys.

Here i am with the third part. I do no want the post to be lengthy for you all so i have divided them in parts.

👉 Good company.

One always gets influenced by his/her company. Be careful while choosing your freinds. A good friend is like a gem while a bad friend can even ruin your future. Be selective while choosing your company.

Idioms related :- one is known by the company one keeps.

A rotten fruit in the basket rots all the fruits in it.

👉 Be prepared.

No one know what comes next. May be sometimes the things are not in your favour. Situations changes dramatically, who knows what destiny has planned for us.

So strive for the best but be prepared for the worst.

👉 Do not underestimate others.

In your path, you meet different people. Some rich, some poor. Some strong, some weak. Some good, some bad. Every type of people have a lesson to give if you have the ability to gain the lesson. Do not underestimate others. Do not think they are not even comparable.

Related lines :- Hay untill lying on the ground is a non living thing which shows no strength but the same hay in one’e eye gives unbearable pain then we realize the power of a non- living.

👉 Be positive.

You need to be positive even in worst conditions. Positivity is a surrounding that can be created. Surround yourself with positive people and neglect the negative ones.

👉 Except your mistakes.

Do not blame other for your situation as you are somehow responsible for it. Except your mistakes, learn from it, grow from it and then let it go.

Related lines :-  Everyone makes mistakes in their life. Sometimes good people make bad choices it never means they are bad. It means they are human. No one is perfect afterall.

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