A new world

She kept running away from her terrible past.
She finally surrendered herself to his arms.

The warmth of his arms made her realize that was the safest place she had ever been.
And she hugged him tightly than before as she finally understood that her search now ends.

That was overall a lovely sight.
The safest surrender,
The happiest ending,
And the most beautiful beginning.






14 thoughts on “A new world

    • mahimasingh97 says:

      Only when one sees thw shelter in another what if there is two bodies one sould…there comes the strenght not a matter of getting hurt.

      Bdw who knows who changes later but one thing that i am sure about untill a person whom we love remians unchanged there is nothing like getting harm.

      Everything comes with positive and negative parts afterall.


    • mahimasingh97 says:

      Self sufficiency is must but normal people like us need someone to stand by our side.

      We need someone to take care of us not because we can not take care of us but just because we wanted to be cared by them.

      It is not dependency, it is just how normal people behaves.

      Coming to you, you are an exceptional.


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