Toward success :- part 4

Good morning lovely people 🙂

So here i am with the fourth post regarding success.

👉 Have faith in god.

This sounds bit different from the other points but yes this is important. We as human do not have the control over the things. We get disappointed over many things but unfortunately we can not change them. So just beleive in destiny, his planning is good enough for us. It never means we should leave the things on the name of destiny, efforts from our side is must, rest is destiny.

Related lines :- If you are not achieving your goal even after your best efforts just be sure there is grand plan for you.

हिंदी लाइन्स :- खुदा आपको वो नहीं देता जिसकी आपको जरुरत है बल्कि वो देता है जो आपके लिए जरुरी है।

👉  Luck, labour and chance.

A good combination of these three are important. If any of the three factors is missing, there will remain a void always.

Related lines :- if labour can get you all the things, labourers will be the most sucessful person on the earth.

👉 Do not be a addicitive person.

Addiction, it sucks !!!!

Do not be addicted ever. Either its a living (family, partner, freinds) or a non living ( mobiles, laptops, money) thing. Do not let these things rule you because once they started ruling you. You won’t be the same before. Addicition simply means excess and excess of anything is bad.

Related lines :- Be you own master.

👉 Do not be selfish.

We people are like the racers and the world is like the track. Everyone is running. Everyone is in hurry. Many people hurts other knowingly or unknowingly just because of their own selfishness. Do not be such a person. From sharing your happiness to wiping your tears, from teaching you the lessons to applying them, You always need someone to stand by your side. You may achieve success being alone but you can not share your tears and joys with your loneliness.

Related example :- When you return back to your home after hardwork, you need someone to be there for you.


👉 Do not be jealous from others.

As i already said, we are racers hence we are competiting with each other but this is resulting in negative impact rather than being positive.

Instead of being jealous from others, we can serve them as our idol. This is postive attitude ” GRATITUDE”

Related lines :- we are more disappointed by other happiness rather than being disappointed by our own sadness.

👉 You are your own competitior.

Life is like competition. What you have in last decides what you have gained throughout the life. So keep chasing your dreams. With every passing day, wake up with a new stamina and step ahead toward success.

Related lines :- Be the best version of yourself.

You are one of your kind, you do not need to imitate others. You are absolutely unique. Your life, your rules, your decisions but always remember it never means other have to suffers because of you.

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