Toward success :- part 4

Good morning lovely people 🙂

So here i am with the fourth post regarding success.

👉 Have faith in god.

This sounds bit different from the other points but yes this is important. We as human do not have the control over the things. We get disappointed over many things but unfortunately we can not change them. So just beleive in destiny, his planning is good enough for us. It never means we should leave the things on the name of destiny, efforts from our side is must, rest is destiny.

Related lines :- If you are not achieving your goal even after your best efforts just be sure there is grand plan for you.

हिंदी लाइन्स :- खुदा आपको वो नहीं देता जिसकी आपको जरुरत है बल्कि वो देता है जो आपके लिए जरुरी है।

👉  Luck, labour and chance.

A good combination of these three are important. If any of the three factors is missing, there will remain a void always.

Related lines :- if labour can get you all the things, labourers will be the most sucessful person on the earth.

👉 Do not be a addicitive person.

Addiction, it sucks !!!!

Do not be addicted ever. Either its a living (family, partner, freinds) or a non living ( mobiles, laptops, money) thing. Do not let these things rule you because once they started ruling you. You won’t be the same before. Addicition simply means excess and excess of anything is bad.

Related lines :- Be you own master.

👉 Do not be selfish.

We people are like the racers and the world is like the track. Everyone is running. Everyone is in hurry. Many people hurts other knowingly or unknowingly just because of their own selfishness. Do not be such a person. From sharing your happiness to wiping your tears, from teaching you the lessons to applying them, You always need someone to stand by your side. You may achieve success being alone but you can not share your tears and joys with your loneliness.

Related example :- When you return back to your home after hardwork, you need someone to be there for you.


👉 Do not be jealous from others.

As i already said, we are racers hence we are competiting with each other but this is resulting in negative impact rather than being positive.

Instead of being jealous from others, we can serve them as our idol. This is postive attitude ” GRATITUDE”

Related lines :- we are more disappointed by other happiness rather than being disappointed by our own sadness.

👉 You are your own competitior.

Life is like competition. What you have in last decides what you have gained throughout the life. So keep chasing your dreams. With every passing day, wake up with a new stamina and step ahead toward success.

Related lines :- Be the best version of yourself.

You are one of your kind, you do not need to imitate others. You are absolutely unique. Your life, your rules, your decisions but always remember it never means other have to suffers because of you.

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Towards success :- part three

Good morning guys.

Here i am with the third part. I do no want the post to be lengthy for you all so i have divided them in parts.

👉 Good company.

One always gets influenced by his/her company. Be careful while choosing your freinds. A good friend is like a gem while a bad friend can even ruin your future. Be selective while choosing your company.

Idioms related :- one is known by the company one keeps.

A rotten fruit in the basket rots all the fruits in it.

👉 Be prepared.

No one know what comes next. May be sometimes the things are not in your favour. Situations changes dramatically, who knows what destiny has planned for us.

So strive for the best but be prepared for the worst.

👉 Do not underestimate others.

In your path, you meet different people. Some rich, some poor. Some strong, some weak. Some good, some bad. Every type of people have a lesson to give if you have the ability to gain the lesson. Do not underestimate others. Do not think they are not even comparable.

Related lines :- Hay untill lying on the ground is a non living thing which shows no strength but the same hay in one’e eye gives unbearable pain then we realize the power of a non- living.

👉 Be positive.

You need to be positive even in worst conditions. Positivity is a surrounding that can be created. Surround yourself with positive people and neglect the negative ones.

👉 Except your mistakes.

Do not blame other for your situation as you are somehow responsible for it. Except your mistakes, learn from it, grow from it and then let it go.

Related lines :-  Everyone makes mistakes in their life. Sometimes good people make bad choices it never means they are bad. It means they are human. No one is perfect afterall.

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Toward success :- part two

Good morning guys ☺☺☺

So here is the second part of my last post “TOWARD SUCCESS”

👉 Strong determination.

As i already said, one can not be successful since birth. One has to work for it and while working strong determination is needed. As success is not a single step process, it is a chain mechanism.

Sometimes, there may be problems in your ways. Sometimes, you will think that you have gained nothing. Sometimes, things will seem impossible to you. But in all the times, do not let the bad moment shatter you, infact be strong- determined. what you have started, you have to finish no matter how many difficulties comes in your way.

Ex :- in one of the seminar of sandeep maheshwari, i heard think hundred of times before starting something but once you have started just finish it in a good way.

Related story of strong determination :- This story was being told by my elder brother when i was disappointed.

                  Story of a mouse

There were many rats residing in the ceiling of a floor. Once when the room owner knew this fact. He decided to kill them so he filled a container with milk. The rats after seeing the milk entered in to container but unfortunately they sink in the milk and many of them losted their lives. Among them there was a mouse who had decided he would not lose his life so he kept floating and floating and in this way milk was getting churned. He was unable to swim but he tried and tried and slowly the liquid milk started to change in semi solid form seeing this other mice started doing the same and at last they remained alive because they did not sink in the butter.
( milk when churned continuously changes in to a semi solid substance called butter)

👉 your comfort zone.

Outside your comfort zone is where the magic begins. Do not ever underestimate yourself. Probably there is nothing that a human can not do. Do not use your weak points as your excuses. Instead work on them. Rise and shine 😊😊😊

👉 Be true to yourself.

The world is full of tracherous people but do not be the same as they are. Just be yourself.

Be a good person but do not waste your time to proof it and sometimes you need to be a bad person but do not let it effect the good in you.

If people are good to you, be your best to them and if people are bad to you, then just equate them from your life’s equation. No need to be the same as they are.

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Toward success :- part one

Good morning lovely people 🙂

Some months before, i had posted “LOVE” in series of three posts and i could still remember the response of yours.

So again i am going to post something in series but this time, it is not about love. It is about success.

Sucess, what everyone is chasing for but  fortunate are those who really are successful.

Everyone have heard the quote :-

“There is no shortcut to success”

what does it mean???

Success is a long term process. No one is successful since birth. It takes strong determination to be sucessful.

Fame and success are completely can be famous if their ancestors are but one is success means he/she has created their own recognization, they have paved path for themselves.

Success is not something that is inherited. Success is not the thing one can ask for. Success is something which is result of various positive signs.

Everyone wants success even i want to be successful but there are many things one has to keep in mind while achieving this.

So guys i am going to share my views  related stories, phrases, idioms and dohas related this topic.

Success mantra :-

👉  Have patience

As i already told, success is a long term process. One has to keep patience. There is no need to be disappointed if one of your attempt gets failed. Keep going, keep trying becuase in the last all your steps will make sense.

Ex :- An annual plant bears fruit once in a year, a biennial plant bears fruit twice in a year. No matter how much you irrigates the plant, you will get the fruit only when the season comes.

But no one can also deny the fact that, even when tha plants are not bearing fruit one has to take care of the plants. The more we cared, more the fruits we get and the less we care, less the fruits we get.

Similarly, even a single step towards success paves your way. No matter if they can not directly take you to the destination but atleast they will minimise the distance and maximise the possibility of attaining success.

👉 Do not show attitude, beleive in gratitude.

As we all know, things in excess are bad. Appreciation is always welcomed but fake appreciation takes you nowhere. Criticism when constructive shows you the right path but destructive criticism gives rise to your enemy. Faith is one’s trust while superstition is blind trust. Drugs in limit cure diseases but in excess is called drug abuse.

Ex :- once my grandama told me, the trees which bears many fruits in it are generally bend towards the earth while the tree having no fruits stands errect.

Similarly, no matter how big you are just be loyal enough. Do not be egoistic.

There is someone who is probably watching you all the moments. Atleast do not disappoint him/her.

Related doha :- bade hue to kya hua jaise ped khajur, panchi ko chaya nahi, fal lagat ati dur.

Similary, if you can not help others there is no meaning of being success.

👉  Learn from your mistakes.

As well all have heard, the last mistake of our is the greatest teacher. Do not let your mistake disappoint you as it will take you to great sucess.

Related story :-  Thomas Edison tried two thousand different materials in search of a filament for the light bulb. When none worked satisfactorily, his assistant complained, “All our work is in vain. We have learned nothing.”

        Edison replied very confidently, “Oh, we have come a long way and we have learned a lot. We know that there are two thousand elements which we cannot use to make a good light bulb.”

Similarly, the collection of your mistakes makes you a better and a wiser person later. So for know just laugh through your tears because one day every thing is going to make perfect sense.

For now this is going to be the end. Stay connected for more mantras 😊😊😊


मेरा संकल्प


विकल्प कहते है, छोड़ दो ये रास्ता
संकल्प कहते है, ये रास्ता मंजिल है तेरी

विकल्प कहते है हार मान ले, एक नयी शुरुवात कर
संकल्प कहते है बिना लड़े न मान हार तू

विकप्ल कहते है, रास्ते तो और भी है
संकल्प कहते है,सर्वप्रथ्म एक रास्ता तो तय कर

विकल्प कहते है, क्या करेगा जब हार हासिल होगी
संकल्प कहते है, जीतने वालो की ही हार होती

विकल्प कहते है, ये नहीं तो कुछ और सही
संकल्प कहते है, ये पूर्ण हुआ तो सब सही

विकल्प दूर करती है मुझे , मेरे संकल्प से
विकल्प द्वन्द में डालती है , मेरे अंतर्मन को
विकप्ल कमजोर दिखाती है , मेरे संकल्प को

मेरा संकल्प , दृढ़ता देता है मुझे
मेरा संकल्प, हौसला देता है मुझे
मेरा संकल्प, ताकत है मेरी

विकप्ल दूर करती है मुझे, जीवन की वास्तविकता से
संकल्प पंख देती है, मेरे हौसलों के उड़ान को

विकप्ल प्रलोभन है झांसा है।
संकल्प अच्छे किस्मत का पासा है।

विकल्प चीजों को आसान तो दिखाती है।
वहीँ संकल्प मुश्किल हालात से लड़ना सिखाती है।

बहुत से विकल्प जीवन में भटकाव है।
एक दृढ संकल्प जीवन में ठहराव है।

विकल्प जरुरत है ,आवश्यक नहीं।
संकल्पित जीवन एक मजबूत आधार है।

Random thought


Who loves rain???

I guess most of us !!!

Guys it was raining in the morning today and i was in the balcony ennjoying it.

I was staring at the water lodged on the road and how the new drops were falling on the ground and disturbing the still water…aahhhh it was really beautiful…that bubbles coming out…the current in water…

In this beautiful sight, a sudden thought struck in to my mind. Well let me clear it is nothing regarding love because most of us thinks about love when we listen the word rain. It is something boring…just kidding guys…you all will get a lesson 🙂

As we all know, we can see the reflections of objects in water and that is what i was seeing.

Untill it was raining, the water lodged on the road was not still as the new water drops were creating moment in them as a result of which even the reflection of still object were appearing moving to me but in fact those objects were still.

Once the water get still, the reflections were so real and still.

The same is with our human mind untill different thoughts keeps running in our mind even we are unable to think over a simple thing just because the chaos in mind do not allow us to do so but when our mind is full of peace. When there is zero extra thoughts in our mind we can clearly see the reflection of our goal.

So guys avoid unnecessary thoughts as  they can complicate even the simplest situation 🙂

On the name of god !!!!

Good evening guys☺☺☺

I was feeling so stressed yesterday and that is why i had decided to go for a walk.  Even i was unknown from the fact that on my way i would get something to write about.

So here i am sharing about yesterday incidents and later i am sharing my religious beliefs.

As i was passing nearby a temple, i saw some boys sellings different flowers( datura, kanels, bhangs, belpatras) on unexcepted price. These all flowers and leaves grows as fast as weeds grow. On a normal day these all are nothing more than poisionous leaves. Yes trust me these all are poisonous. I was so amazed as they can be easily available to the people still they were buying them.

I stepped ahead because neither i can stop the sellers nor the buyers. Because everyone has their own way to show their love for god. If people find satisfaction in buying those expensive flower than who i am to stop them. Even those boys were earning on the name of god.

I had not even moved ten to twenty steps and there i saw a person selling coupons for visiting the temple. I asked a local shopkeeper there is this the method to visit here??

He said ” nahi aisa nahi hai aaj sawan ki antim somwari hai” ( no, it is just that today is last monday of sawan)

Well i hope , i do not need to explain the importance of this month. In short this month is of great importance for hindus and especially the mondays of this month are important. People worship lord shiva and keep fastings.

Being honest i do not do any of them. Yes i worship god, i believe in almighty but for me everyday is same. I do not know why people have assigned special days for special gods.

One side these messengers of god says “god is one” and on the other side different days are assigned for different gods. I really wonder about this inconsistency in thoughts!!!!


Anyways let me come to the point. I saw people buying coupons for the entry. A new twist was there were two different rates for the coupons. One was of rupees fifty, a/q to which people can worship god but they can not go under the gate. And the second was of hundred, a/q which people can get inside and worship god. Thank god time limit was same for both😂😂😂

I kept walking and thinking about those two classes of people.
Why there were two tickets??

Why people were making choices?

Who made such rules?

Whose prayer would go to the god first??

I just came to a single point, god gives us a/q to our deeds. No matter either we are paying rs. 50 aur rs. 100.

God listens to the one who have a pure soul, not the one who spends a lot on the name of god.


The ways of showing the love and faith can be different for different people. But always remember god is always the one.

After walking for 15 minutes, again i saw there was a temple. I thought same process would be going there.

Flowers on unexcepted rates, people in rush, ticket counters, different rules !!!!

But as soon as i reached there, i saw scene was completely different. No rush, no coupons, nothing same as it was before. There were only few people who were making prayers. The temple was much smaller in comparsion to the first one but trust me there was a sign of serenity and calmness.

There was no one to sell flowers and coupons. People were free there. No one was making money.


I thought both the temples have same god within it but still why majority of people were praying in the temple which was much bigger ??

There was rush all around, they could not even meditate but the other temple was totally different people can meditate there. Still people choose the one where was rush all around !!!

Do not we say that “god is everywhere”.

Why than people were choosing the large temple ??

Does the god resides in large temple ??

Coming to my religious beleifs:-

👉👉 God is everywhere. He is within us. We just need to find him out.


Temples should be visited if one wants to but it is not mandatory as god is everywhere. We just need to remember him with a pure soul.

No matter temples are large or small. They are a symbol of faith. And faith never comes in size. It comes from you as it lies within you.

Being religious never means being superstitious.

You can not keep fasts, it is completely alright . God never says you to be hungry. Just be human, be spiritual, be true to yourself.