HAPPINESS ( matter of choice)


Its really easy to say that be happy always , but is this really possible?? Being happy always is like a dream only. Some people are unable to forget their past, they are unable to be happy. Some are tensed for their future, that makes them unhappy. Like Good memories can make us happy all the  time, bad memories have its impact too. They make us sad.
Always there are thoughts running in our mind. Its just next to impossible to seat in peace without any thoughts in our mind. Whatever we do,  whereever we are, however the situation is thoughts are always there with us. Planning about future and having lesson from the past is not bad but the bad point related with them is they left there negative impact on us. It wil be much better to say that we chooses the negative impact for us, thoughts really cant do them for us, can they??
Happiness is a matter of choice. If world gives you thousand reason for being unhappy then just find a single reason to be happy. Positive energy (HAPPINESS) either very very less in magnitude is always greater than negative energy ( SADNESS) having much greater magnitude.
There is a question for you all guys. Just think of a situation when all the memories either good or bad are removed from your brain, you are left with zero memories. Is there any tension left, is there any frustation?? I think no. There is neither any tension nor frustation.
I hope you get my point. When we are left with zero memories, we are in our present. So here is the point ” LIVE IN PRESENT, LIVE HAPPY”.
If you are depressed, you are living in your past. If you are anxious, you are living in your future. If you are happy, you are living in your present.

Regreting over past and thinking about future dont let you live your present too.