My best friend :- pillow

In those sleepless night.
I found you laying by my side.


When i found myslef alone and helpless.
You were there for me whom i embrace.

When i was happy enough,
We made silly steps together.


When tears roll down my eyes.
You must have felt them inside.

Whether i was happy or i was sad.
You were with me as a friend.



I shared my joy, my tears, my pain with you.
No matter if you were not alive, i feel so relaxed with you.

I know you could not feel, you could not speak but i could.
You were so dear to me, you still are and you always would be.


You could not do actions to made me smile.
But your warmth always makes me feel alive.

Oooo my dear pillow,
I truly love you.
You are mine best company,
And you always will be.



From the first time we met till the time you left.
From the very beginning to the worse end.
You and your actions were different, completely different.

I could remember the first time you touched me.
It was neither by your hands nor by your lips.
You touched me with you eyes, yeah my soul was touched when u saw me first.

You never were attracted by my looks.
you were not like others, in whole
You were in love with my soul.

I could remember the purity and simplicity of your love.
Neither long messages nor late night calls.
On meeting, It was just our eyes which talked.

You never appreciated me for my beauty.
You never composed beautiful lines for me.
Still i could remember your small words as they touched my heart directly.

You never said ” i love you”
But you always showed it through you actions.
I could remember, i declared myself lucky after having you.

You were possesive, but you never showed.
Still i could remember the gesture of your face.
You were there to support me in between the full crowd.

But Why that time passed?
Why you changed?
Why you left me alone?

I even do not know, what was my fault. Neither we can meet nor we can contact.
At least let me know if it was my default.

So In the last you again made it  different.
You did not hurt me with you words.
You hurt me badly with your silence.

Sometimes i feel, it would be hard to wait.
Next times i feel, it would be hard to forget.
But the worst pain comes, when i do not know whether to wait or to forget.